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The Marvels of TRY-ME

The Marvels of TRY-ME

From the very heart of the Garden of Eden
Authorized wholly by the Almighty God to be
Sanctified by the unpolluted hands of Heaven
Emanates the transcendent gift TRY-ME

Generating heavenly radiation even at sight
Purifying the contaminated blood on it way
Sailing through the very danderous tide
TRY-ME lays all challenging ailments bare

Even when spirit feels totally hollow
Coercing the body to commit some perversity
There is only one other way to follow
The one TRY-ME  has charted in plenty

Even the dreaded destroyer of immunities
That wrecks the vulnerable cells and tissues
Leaving the  body food for the flies
TRY-ME comes along to overhaul the issues.

By Martin-Luther FON YEMBE
Regional Director,GLOBINET
AUGUST, 2008