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What They Say About TRY-ME

  • Many patients who have been suffering from difficult pregnancy say they got pregnant after taking Try-me for just a few weeks.
  • Many suffering from stroke got healed after taking it for just a few weeks.
  • A vast majority suffering from witch craft and demonic torments and afflictions got delivered or freed and healed just a few days with try-me.
  • A woman in Limbe testified that her European partner(Boy  friend) who has been so weak in bed could not allow her sleep again after taking Try-me for a few days.
  • Some people say it makes them see visions.
  • Many people diagnosed of incurable disease reciecved healing after taking just a few sachets of Try –me.
  • Most people especially patients in Nigeria and Ghana says it is a miracle.
  • In Cameroon journalists say it is a break through Natural drug in the century.
  • Even staunch “believers” who stay away from Traditonal remedies believe in Try-me and also appreciates it.
  • In fact no one takes Try-me and doesn’t appreciate it.

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