Our Facebook Fans


Membership of TRY-ME Fans club is up to;

  • All those who desire to benefit from the miraculous powers of TRY-ME either for preventive or curative purpose
  • All who aspire to educate and sensitize others or propagate the wonders of TRY-ME
  • Friends, colleagues and partners of the Garden of Eden

All members of TRY-ME Fan Club shall benefit

  • Benefit from the club’s dividends
  • Be each other’s keeper
  • Contribute ideas and financially to sustain the clubs activities
  • Procure TRY-ME at a discount rate


The TRY-ME Fan’s club is structured as follows;

  • General Body: The supreme organ of the club, where all members assembly once in a while as shall be prescribed by the internal rules and regulations
  • CEO of Garden of Eden International Healing and Research Foundation: The Agent of God in the production of TRY-ME who have a vote decision over all other organs beyond the General Body
  • Executives: The President, The Secretary, The Treasure, The Financial Secretary, The Organizing Secretary, The PRO, The Technical Adviser, The Legal Adviser, Auditor and others
  • Patrons: All who wish to sponsor the club’s activities in one way or the other.
  • Founders: Include those who conceived the idea of TRY-ME Fan Club; as well as the first Executive body
  • Associates: Those who directly or indirectly propagate the wonders of TRY-ME
  • Affiliates: Those who have benefited from the wonders of TRY-ME
  • Satellite Members: Everyone who admire the activities of the club and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Club.