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Traditional Medicine: The Bedrock of all Healing Miracles on Earth, the Future of Medicines – THE WATCHDOG

The theme was Research and Development of Traditional medicine in WHO African region. Traditional Medicine (TM ) is an old age practice that has proven to be very effective in combating all f0rms of simple, multiple and complex health crises from time immemorial. It is greatly contributing   daily in a number of ways in reducing mortality, morbility and disability in the society. One cannot deny the fact that herbal medicine and more especially those used in Africa provide the basis for conventional or orthodox drugs development in a number of ways. Traditional Medicine is the bedrock of all medicines on earth and still remains the future of all medicines. The practice of Traditional medicine goes beyond conventional science because it widens and extends beyond the narrow materialistic world-view thereby raising medicine to an art of healing. The selection of remedies to TM takes into consideration the healing forces at work in nature and in human beings. This explains why in TM a particular plant has to be harvested at a particular time in a particular way for a particular treatment for it to be effective.

It is true to say that any research and findings in TM that would be limited to the approaches and findings of physical or conventional or allopathic science will only reduce TM from a practice of intuition and intelligence to a practice of intelligence only.

TM is in fact an autonomous practice, It is a dynamic science with its own philosophy beliefs and practices and its findings must not necessarily be approved by another science (conventional science) before it is accepted We use our traditional methods, instruments and laboratories to test and approve our findings. I uphold our traditional meals which are our basic medicines and food do not have to be approved by conventional science before we know they are good for consumption. WHO statistics show that more than 80% of the world’s population depends on TM for their health needs and this includes plants and their products. Even the remaining 20% who are mostly in the developed world still consume pharmaceutical products whose active elements are are higher plants extracts. Owing to the fact that TM is easily accessible, affordable, culturally acceptable, socially sanctioned and easy to prepare with little or no side effects, most people in Africa and the world