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The Horizon No 0158

Dr. Fru intensifies Public Relations Campaign on Traditional Medicines; ridicules detractors as agents of Satan.

Dr. Fru Richard, CEO of Dr. Fru’s Garden of Eden International Healing and Research Foundation, Wonya-Mavio, Muea – Road- Buea who recently brought honour to Cameroon by winning the International Health Excellence Award, has officially presented the award and others to the press.

Dr. Fru who was given the highly competitive award by the renowned Indian Board of Alternative Medicines (IBAM) during the celebration of the UN International Day of Happiness on 20 March 2013 at Hotel Golden Parkk, Kolkata, India was also conferred the academic title of “Doctor of Naturopathy” by the same IBAM after the completion of an academic course and research in Natural Medicine.

Unfortunately, the state of Cameroon which is highly honoured by these awards has not as much as made a mention about them. It was probably due to this lack of concern by the state that Dr.Fru decided to blow his own trumpet.

Speaking at a press lunch in Buea to present the international awards and national awards he has won in recognition of his outstanding contribution and praiseworthy achievement in the field of holistic health and healing, Dr. Fru called the press to be ambassadors of traditional medicine which “is the bedrock of all medicine on earth and remains the future of all medicines”.

He took a swipe at detractors of traditional medicine who out of greed were being manipulated by the West to denigrate what to him has become a religion.

Many authorities fight against Traditional Medicine and back Western medicine because of too much money being pumped into it which is being spent (misused) in bureaucracy, and in too many seminars and conferences,” he said.

He called health professionals “to merge laboratory tests or findings with societal realities to help move our society forward.

Dr. Fru also used the press lunch to count the achievements of his foundation.

Talking to the press on the relevance of the ceremony he said “I thought it wise to gather press men to present this award because I believe it was something that was not only good for Mr. Fru. It was for the Cameroonian nation because it was something I did great for Cameroon”. He added that “on that day of this award, Cameroon was honoured; the flag of Cameroon was hoisted because of this award”.

On what he did to get the academic award, Dr. Fru replied: “it was the birth of twins. This award came when I had completed my academic course which I took for some years. It culminated in the award of the title of Doctor of Naturopathy. Then because of what I did exceptionally, I was also grouped among those to receive a Health Excellence Award”.

On the wisdom of the presentation of the awards at a time when the media is banned from advertising traditional health products, Dr. Fru expressed regret that the Minister of Communication was “being remote-controlled by those of the health sector”. He said the Western pharmaceutical industries were manipulating the governments of the world because they pump a lot of money into their coffers.

Dr. Fru said the government of Cameroon had no intention of fighting traditional medicines, but a few individuals with vested interests wanted to call a dog a bad name in order to hang it.

It is only a few selfish individuals who are occupying high places who are using their powers to fight against traditional medicine because they have an interest somewhere”, he concluded.