Garden of Eden Naturopathic Institute of West Africa

Program Overview

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Program Overview

The program is designed to teach Holistic medicine. Its curriculum and philosophy is tailored upon the understanding and practice of four fundamental principles in traditional medicine which is worth noting that apart from the physical body the human is made up of:

  1. Emotional body (the astral body)
  2. Mental body (intellect and intuitive capacity
  3. Spiritual body (the soul)
  4. The interior guide and the higher self

s such, Health is not only the absence of illness, but rather the balance between our four bodies. Looking at health from this perspective, it is therefore our decision to guide not just our physical bodies but emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, to the best of our possibilities.

Trainees, who successfully complete our Diploma program on “CANDALOGY” (African Traditional Medicine), would be adequately equipped to care for themselves and their immediate community and also educate others in natural healing method. The students are sure of jobs, thereby ensuring the dream of health for all at low cost.

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