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What is known now as FRU’s Breakfast can be a Secret in Your LIFE.



Take first thing in the morning before you even     think of brushing your mouth or taking a bath. N.B: only eat again at least after a period of 3hours interval.


–         Large piece of pawpaw (cut into small slices)

–         A large banana (ripe) or 2 average sizes (sliced into small sizes)

–         A large piece of Avocado (‘pear’) (sliced into small sizes)

–         Two tomatoes (cut into small sizes)

v Full Onion (average size), cut into small slices

–         two carrots (big), chopped into small sizes

–         A Tea-spoonful of Try-Me  (spread above combination) if necessary.

N.B: TRY-ME is our miraculous powder used for holistic healing. Read more on this website about TRY-ME:



–         2 tablespoon of Olive oil

–         2 tablespoons of Honey

–         ¼ glass of pure lemon juice

Mix above combination well to have a cream and spread on your food (A) above and enjoy nature.


(C)              Take 2-3 glasses of water after consumption


Take this daily along side a balanced diet and stay free from all the “WAHALAH” on earth. It is my secret meal I am giving to the whole world to live on as prescribed and stay healthy.

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