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PANOSOLIN: A Super Cure For Rheumatoid Arthritis and Other Inflammatory Diseases.


Panosolin is 100 percent natural, composed of plants and organic minerals. Panosolin is anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, antimicrobial, blood detoxifier and cleanser, and a super PH-balancer as it extracts uric acid and toxic waste out of the blood plasma and cells. Panosolin is a super cure for;



-Gouts and,

-Many body reactions that usually results in inflammations and pains.

-Exceptionally good for parkruson’s disease.

Preparation / Usage:

A). Boil whole content of a sachet in 1liter of water in a closed pot for 10 minutes over a gentle flame.


5-10 years: Take ¼ glass before or after meal 4 times daily.

11-15 years: Take ½ glass before or after meal 3 times daily.

16 years and above: take 1 glass before or after meal 3 times daily.

An Alternative Way to Use Panosolin:

B). By just throwing in the mouth and drinking with water or stirring in a glass of hot water and drinking.

5-10 years: take 1/3 teaspoon before or after meal3 times daily.

7-11 years: Take ½ teaspoon before or after meal 3 times daily.

18 years and above: Take 2 teaspoonful before or after meal 3 times daily.

NB: Children less than five years should be given on a health specialist prescription only.

It has little or no side effects.

In case of boiling, only replace chaffs after the use of at least five (5) successive sachets.


Organic Formula (3 teaspoons)