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AOT Anti-Oxy-Toxin

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AOT Anti-Oxy-Toxin


Anti-Oxy-Toxin: is a “compoundment” of extracts from more than 80 medicinal plants (seeds, spices, leaves, roots, nut, flowers, etc)

A.O.T revitalizes or quickens all body cells/systems in a holistic manner.

A.O.T is anti oxidative, antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, antitoxin, anti viral and anti cancerous/tumors.

A.O.T is 100% natural, rich in organic compounds impregnated with high radiant and mystical energies that give holistic healing and general body wellness and wholesomeness.

A.O.T cleanses the blood and builds the immune systems both naturally and supernaturally.

How to use

Adults: take 4 tablespoonfuls with 1 ½ litres of water first thing in the morning and fast on water. Only eat in the afternoon. In the evening take 2 teaspoonfuls with two glasses of water.

Alternatively: take 2 teaspoonfuls in cooked pap and honey or in yogurt or in honey and warm water or in milk or milk and honey thrice daily (3x daily).

  • Give to children in smaller doses or on a health expert’s advice only. It is in powder form.

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