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WAKA DUMUH-M (Springtongo-M)

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WAKA DUMUH-M (Springtongo-M)

Springtingo-m is a marvelous natural medicinal product with overwhelming strength over all forms of witchcrafts and evil forces.

How to use

  • Add a tablespoon of medicine on red-hot charcoal( without flame)
  • Then, pray over the medicine, by asking the Almighty God to bless the medicine to have to its full strength in combating any evil force that is against you, your properties, family etc.
  • ¬†Before praying, undress and cover yourself in smoke coming out from (burning) medicine with nice and clean loin.
  • While in it, inhale some of the smoke well in to stomach, especially in cases of night poisonings(feeding in dreams)
  • Repeat process every evening before retiring to bed
  • You may also repeat in the morning if condition is more serious
  • In case of sex dreams, expose genital organs well to smoke
  • Never take a bath immediately after using medicine
  • Stay at least for 5 hours before bathing if need be.

This medication can also be burnt in offices, compounds, farms etc to attack and neutralize witch craft/evil spiritual effects/attacks.


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