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End-Up is a powerful natural medicine compounded from barks, leaves, herbs and roots of plants that have very high mystical field strength. It handles both natural and super natural effects such as: poisons, un-natural accidents, blockage of chances, evil spiritual attacks etc.

End –Up has powers that are hardly resisted by evil forces. It has mystical positive strength that neutralizes or destroys or repels any negative field strength that comes on its way. End-Up has indeed brought hope to many hopeless individuals or families whose future have been darkened and blocked by evil forces.

How to use Pour whole content of sachet in 1.5 litres container. Fill in water and shake well until it foams.

Dosage: Adults take ½ glass before meals morning and evening. (Give children in smaller doses depending on age)

N.B: Always pray before taking your drug for effectiveness.

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