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Tea of Wisdom

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Tea of Wisdom

Tea of Wisdom or 25 star tea is made up of extracts of highly radiant plants, roots, barks, leaves, flowers, nuts and seeds of wild tropical medicinal plants. It also contains a variety of medicinal spices of high mystical properties.

TEA OF WISDOM promotes leukocytosis and good body build-up.

  • It stimulates the reinforcement of the immune system
  • Its mystical properties give supernatural immunity to the system.
  • Works against insomnia, stress and depression
  • Calms down the mind. Works against evils, ill lucks and improve on body radiation and charisma
  • Fight and prevent free radicals tumors and cancers in the system, thereby promoting longitivity
  • Promotes libido (sexual desire) and fertility
  • Works against cardiovascular diseases
  • Balances blood sugar and cholesterol
  •  Cuts down excess weight
  • It purifies the blood
  • Heals and invigorates brain cells
  • Works against sickle cell anaemia.

In fact, its spectrum of action is beyond description, just pray and use Tea of Wisdom daily and discover Gods wonders in nature.

How to use: Boil a tablespoonful of tea of wisdom in a litre of water in a closed pot, over a gentle flame for about 5-8 minutes. Take as regularly. You may sweeten with honey if desired (that is for those who are not diabetic)

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