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 Man Glorry ,is a powerful sexual and general herbal tonic for man to combat impotence.

It combats norvo-sexual and psycho-sexual problems (increases libido) giving effective erection and ejaculation. It influences sex glands to produce sex hormones and thus raises sex hormones level.

Man Glorry strengthens and dilate blood vessels especially those of the erectile tissues of the male glands (penis) thereby enabling enough blood flow in to these tissue for proper erection and satisfaction in sexual life.

YAOL-COL is good for masculine infertility and also increases sperm counts.

Use Man Glorry for serious cases of impotency.

Dosage: 15 years and above, take 4 tablespoons 3x daily. For chronic cases take 5 tablespoons 3x daily.

Side effects: Gives light headache, dizziness and fever for a few days.

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