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GENERAL Sexually Transmissible Infections (STIs)

1. Bactrosist (Trisyph-Urecoccin)

2. Microbin 2011 (MB 2011)

3. AntiBiol (Antisepto-Bact)

4. Laxomicin (Enteromin)



Laxomicin Plus

 Entero +

Entero + is a strong natural antibiotic derived from natural plants, it cleanses the system from material of all sorts, either natural or man-made. It relaxes the system without necessary provoking loose stool.

How to use: Boil whole content of sachet in 2 litres of pure palm-wine (or water) for 20 minutes under a gentle flame.

Dosage: 5-10 years, take ¼ glass 4x daily

11-15 years take ½ glass  3x daily

16 years and above, take 1 glass  3x daily

N.B: children less than 5 years should be given on a health specialist prescription only.

It has little or no side effects.


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