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Para Plasmoxone


This is a natural medicinal product for the curative treatment of all forms of malaria parasites in blood vessels. Exceptional good for  infants.


How to use: boil whole content of sachet of MF-TSUN in 1 litre of water in a closed pot over a gentle flame for about 15 minutes.


Dosage: 0-2 months, take 2 tablespoons 3x daily

6mnths-11mnths, take 3 tablespoons 3x daily

1-2 years, take 1/5 glass 3x daily

3-5 years, take ¼ glass 3x daily

6-11 years, take 1/3 glass 3x daily

12-17 years, take ½ glass 3x daily

18 and above, take 1 glass 3x daily.