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Ansah Plein

Ansah PleinIs a pure natural product derived from herbs, leaves and barks of tropical trees in Africa.

It cures typhoid and malaria fever. It also works against a wide spectrum of microbes, parasites in abdomen and blood.

How to use: Boil whole content of sachet in 1 litre of water in a closed pot for 15 minutes over a gentle flame.

Dosage: 0 to 1 year, take a tablespoon 4x daily

2 to 5 years, 3 tablespoons 3x daily

6 to 11 years, take 1/3 glass 3x daily

12 to 17 years, ½ glass 3x daily

18 years and above, take 1 glass 3x daily

N.B: only replace chaffs from the pot after the use of 5 successive sachets or more.