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Only Traditional Medicine and Religion will clear the ‘mess’ of Conventional Medical Science in Africa and the World.

Only Traditional Medicine and Religion will clear the ‘mess’ of Conventional Medical Science in Africa and the World

 (The evil arm of health rules over God’s children.)

A presentation by H. Hr. Dr. Richard Fru in the Global Summit on HIV/AIDS, Traditional Medicine and Indegenous Knowledge, ACCRA-GHANA, 2010



  The Theme of this 4th conference in which I am previleged to be a partaker is: Global Summit on HIV/AIDS, Traditional medicine and Indigenous Knowledge. Many things have been said and done or even abandoned, that were discussed during the previous conferences. Today, several enumerations; proclamations and actions by reputable individuals, organizations and countries only trigger our minds on the ‘dirty’ politics played by those we rely on. Many of us present here today, have come from far and near; we have squeezed this time out of our very tight schedules, not to talk of the risk taken. We have not come here to sit, listening and singing the same praises that have been sung over the years with very little achievements. I believe, we are not going to be tailoring within the same failed theories or hypothesis that have misled so many in the past. I believe Researchers and people of all and sundry are going to come up with new research works different from what the Levy, Gallo, Montagnier or even Geraldo’s groups and a host of others have been telling us over the decades about HIV and AIDS.

For every ailment there is a cure”, is an advocate of Islamic faith. In the book of Hosea 4: 6, the Lord says: “my people are perishing because of lack of knowledge” – The popular view that ‘HIV/AIDS’ is yet to have a definite cure is only within the orthodox medicine that has stemmed from the limitations of – modern science. In fact, Health Professionals – intellectuals should learn to marry laboratory stints with societal truths and should not act as “out-tellectuals” whose findings are limited with the laboratory and could not transcend the borders of their lone laboratory. We have to merge laboratory tests or findings with societal realities to help move our society forward.

Holistic Healing or traditional healing in general is one of the most difficult elements to understand by many of those who are influenced by the modern scientific world – view. Any thing divine is often considered as illogical or unscientific and hence unreal even though obvious. This explains part of the reason why the western powers are always in conflict with any effect made especially by Africans to provide an alternative and more effective therapeutic measure for ‘HIV/AIDS’, and other complex diseases or other health disequilibriums.

Unfortunately, most of our African leaders who are still dancing in the tune of western powers and pressure, seem to also give deaf ears and refusing cognizance for the genuine claim of holistic healers of ‘HIV/AIDS’, and others, especially from those who are nationals. If these claims came from the ‘west’ the response of government would have been prompt without questioning its efficacy and safety to the society. We are all living witnesses of the number of medications being withdrawn out of the market today because of their devastating effects to millions of its victims. For the past years, I have been advicing all those diagnosed on HIV to live on particular diets. I adviced them to eat a lot of bananas and pawpaw, but was criticized by so many conventional health practitioners. But today, scientists have said pawpaw and bananas have an element that works against HIV/AIDS. I preached that douching with the diluted juice from a plant commonly called ‘masseppo’ in Cameroon before having sex reduces the risk of sexually transmissible infections including the so called HIV, but was rebuked by many conventional health practitioners and health authorities. Today scientists are claiming to have come up with what is known as HIV-Gel, which when applied in the vagina reduces the risk of HIV infection. Since this is coming from the west everyone will embrace it. However, there is this proverb which says: A paradise made of wax will melt with the heat of the sun. Romans 8:5 says: Those who live as their human nature tells them to, have their minds controlled by what human nature wants. Those who live as the spirit tells them to, have their minds controlled by what the spirit wants. In Romans 8:6, the Lord says: To be controlled by human nature results in death; to be controlled by the spirit results, in life and peace.

Religion can, in fact, guide science by adding revelation to some traditional and scientific approaches as also remarked by one professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the North Western University of Chicago USA, Joe Jeigh Simpson. Before the coming of Christianity, and allopathic or orthodox medicine in Africa, we had our African religion, with sermons usually held by the traditional chief priests who were at the same time healers. Then, you could not separate religion and medicine. Today, it is the same practice going on in all the modern religious backgrounds. James 1:27 says: “what God the father considers to be pure and genuine religion is this: to take care of orphans and widows in their suffering and to keep oneself from being corrupted by the world”. Hosea 4:6, the Lord says: “my people are doomed because they do not acknowledge me”.

In fact, we look a lot outside at the expense of what we have in side; export what we need most and import what we don’t need. We are unable to distinguish between our Wants and our Needs.

Ignorance, greed, selfishness and poverty have become our greatest problems because of misplaced priorities. Greed, our biggest weapon of containment has held us back from using profits made out of our national and international business ventures for the general good of our people.

Our selfishness has spontaneously allowed our egos to get into the way of our goals. Ingrained in our minds is the ‘virus’ of holding lavish conventions or seminars in expensive hotels, drinking the best brand of wines and whiskies. Many of us have continued to live in ignorance because we have refused to read or listen, act and react wisely. It is quite realistic although annoying when one reads through the article written and read by Dee Lee, one morning years ago over New York Radio Station with caption: “Blacks don’t read”. Going by his words, he says: “Their ignorance, greed and selfishness is a weapon of containment. We can continue to reap profits from blacks without the effort of physical slavery. They want freedom yet they refuse to read …. for any business venture we care to dream up no matter how outlandish, they will buy into it. Being primarily a consumer people, they function totally by greed. They continually want more with little thought of saving and investing. They think that having a Mercedes and a big house gives them status. The vast majority of their people are still in poverty because their greed holds them back from collectively making better communities. They and their so called help organizations are content to sit in conferences and seminars in our hotels and talk about what they will do, while they are awarded plaques to the best speakers, not the best doers. Is there no end to their selfishness ….” I shed tears again when I listened to former U.S President, Bill Clinton recently over CNN, speaking during the 18th World AIDS Conference in Vienna, Austria. He expressed his disappointment on the research on HIV/AIDS. He said “the fight has never been won because too much money being pumped into it is being spent in bureaucracy, too many seminars and conferences and that, rich countries will not continue to spend money which is being misused”. He called on policy makers to come up with a better method of prevention and treatment. “Let those who have eyes see and read, and those who have ears hear and understand, and let fools continue to be fools!!”. After all, proverbs 3:35 says: “wise people will gain an honourable reputation, but stupid people will only add to their own disgrace. Wisdom is more valuable than jewels; nothing you could want can compare with it. Proverbs 3:15, verse 16 says: wisdom offers you long life, as well as wealth and honour.

In recent years, insidious, criminal and potentially implosive practices have gradually been mixed into this already murky, grim, paediatric milieu in which over a million children, many of them AIDS orphans, are trafficked each year and exploited as slave labourers, sex slaves and soldiers across the planet. The UN estimates that this racket generates 7-10 billion US dollars annually for the traffickers.

As the epidemic “HIV/AIDS” marches on, African government, with limited financial resources, will have very little impact on remedial efforts.

In addition, the effects of corruption, political instability, intrastate and interstate conflicts, diminishing middle class, and debt repayments to western creditors will in effect frustrate the hopes of serious remedial action by African leaders. The lack of African led and focused continental Organisation to manage the AIDS epidemic will continue to leave the vast continent at the mercy of decisions made by policy makers outside of Africa. Many talented men and women who are victims of the ‘Monster” will all die because of our inaction.

Listen to what is wise and try to understand it. Proverbs 2:2

An ‘ordinary’ but very busy traditional health practitioner like myself did not leave Cameroon to come here and be singing conventional songs of HIV/AIDS. I have come to exercise my human right by expressing my own opinions. I know the truth is so bitter, but it must be spoken.

In January 2000, while speaking at a United Nations (UN) Security Counsel Session, James Wolfensohn, President of World Bank, stated: “Many of us used to think of AIDS as a health issue; we were wrong … nothing we have seen is a greater challenge to African peace and stability, etc. than the epidemic of AIDS”

Even Koffi Annan, the UN Secretary General emeritus, once spoke to BBC and described AIDS as “a real weapon of mass destruction and bemoarned the world’s relative inaction to combat this pandemic as callousness that one would not have expected in the 21st century”. He continued by saying that “History would judge us all harshly and very harshly”.

It might appear Annan and Wolfensohn were echoing an ancient declaration of Bantu philosophers: “Unmuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu” – “a human is a human because of other humans”.

This proclamation represents an African communual aspiration which teaches us that “our humanity is contingent on the humanity of our fellows and that no person or group can be human alone”. This quickly draws my mind to this poetic phrase in my early days of secondary education which states: “If all the clever people were good, and all the good people were clever, the world would have been nicer than ever we thought it possibly could ….”

In fact, I will seize this great opportunity to call on medical anthropologists, researchers, bureaucrats, policy makers, religious groups, schools, ritual ceremonial groups, community leaders, all Health and wellness orientated practitioners to ‘consciously’ come up with a solid frame to see how the poor, and marginalized population groups are being treated in the political and economic conditions. Before I continue, I will call on the Almighty Lord to endow us with the dew of heaven; the spirit of wisdom so that we should be able to talk, listen, see, understand and act according to His spirit.

With the emergence of this intractable ‘Virus’, first identified amongst the gay in1981 in USA, sexual activity, which culture regards for the perpetuation of species as well as a source of pleasure and fulfillment, is now a source of danger, an irony of life we did not know before. AIDS has torn the social, economic and political fabrics of several societies to shreds. Today, reports shows that more than 700 people die of AIDS daily in South Africa.

We are being advised to use plastic like condoms to prevent HIV/AIDS, where as a United Nation report, with membership derived from WHO, UNICEF, UNFA, UNESCO, UNDA, etc in June 2000 says condoms fail to protect against HIV/AIDS 10% of the time. This report means that for every 100 youths that use condom as a means of protection with an HIV/AIDS infected partner, 10 are likely to be infected. How do we pro-create with the use of condoms instead of the use of conduct? How will our very low population grow with the use of condoms? How do we grow and develop with underpopulation? We all know population is strength or power. There is this local proverb which says: “A broom stick is stronger when it is with its brothers”.

In the 1990 Development Report of the World Bank, the Bank admits that “population growth has long-term advantages for African development”. Another World Bank Publication, “population and the World Bank – Adapting to a change (2000)” also reveals that despite the pressure of rapid population growth, especially in the poorest of these, mainly in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, there has been substantial progress in their living standards. The study further emphasizes that: “There is little evidence that population growth in and of itself causes poverty”.

From a casual perusal of the numerous publications existing, it is an irony that, while nations of industrialized world spend billions of dollars annually to bombard the nations of the “third-world with Malthusian propaganda and sponsoring programs aimed at reducing their population, they are busy trying to maintain, or increase population growth at home”.

The European Economic Community (EEC) (No. C127/78) on measures to promote Population Growth passed by its parliament in 1984 admits the serious concern that “European’s standing and influence in the world depend largely on the vitality of its population” and that “population trends in Europe will have a decisive effect on the development of Europe and will determine the significance of the role which Europe will play in the world in future decades,”

We thus find the quintessential sequitur in which Germany with a whopping population density of 230 persons per square kilometer (in 2000) was paying incentives to its own people to boost population growth whereas spending about 30 million dollars annually on population control in countries like D.R of Congo with a very low population density of only 22 persons per square kilometer, and which speaking in terms of natural resources and economic potentials, Germany does not stand a chance in comparison with D.R of Congo.

Walter Rodney in his writings on How Europe Under developed Africa, points out that, ‘by far the most significant consequences of slave trade was depopulation which led to a subsequence weakening of African continent that rendered it prone to colonization and exploitation in later years’.

Every society in the world, from primitive ages, needs a certain child survival level to attain desirable population density before such a society can develop. Most African countries have not attained that population density and that is part of the reason that they are poor. And Africa may never attain this level until they come up with a policy that will help boost its population.

It is also ironic that, while the World Bank admits that “population growth has long-term advantages for African development and of itself causes no poverty, the bank still insist on population or birth control as a ‘de rigueur prerequisite’ for obtaining development loans.

The ‘HIV/AIDS’ war

Nothing is surprising anymore about the ‘HIV/AIDS’ epidemic in Africa. Scientists make us to believe that AIDS erupts at least 5-10 years after having ‘HIV Virus’ for adults; and it takes less than a year for children. But what science has not helped people in their cultures to resolve is how to distinguish commonly known signs and symptoms that conflict with other illnesses showing similar signs and symptoms as they live their daily lives. Before the coming of ‘HIV/AIDS’, all of these signs and symptoms were known to people and nothing seems to make a clear distinction as a matter of necessity even among those who appear to avoid sexual intercourse. There is growing need to deepen research in this view in order to further insight into symptoms and signs of ‘HIV/AIDS’ within the actiology of local health idioms and representations.

In fact quite disturbing in this decade is how the human population is profoundly threatened by AIDS allegedly believed to be caused by ‘HIV’. Dangerously, mysteriously, but possibly explainable, there is no opinion about HIV/AIDS expressed so far by researchers that is completely wrong or true. Each suggestion only adds to the implication of biological science. After all, we all know behind every scientist, is a great mask.

In fact, the garbage beneath is too much and the stories that follow are many, but one thing is clear: “HIV/AIDS” rather than small pox, Chlamydia, syphilis, malaria, internal body heat, cholera, stroke, typhus, tuberculosis, cancers and many others, is the captain of biological war of death in comparison with the colonial history of disease and modernity. Apart from these biological claims and counter claims, and no matter how the origin and nature of HIV/AIDS has been constructed, one thing is clear, ‘HIV’ is emphasized as a human virus and any human may be infected with it.

Being unable to come up with a healing remedy for more than two and a half decades of intensive research in which billions of Tax payers’ money have been invested, yet, HIV, has neither been isolated nor purified in terms of classical virology, is an incontestable prove that, researchers have mistakenly been working with something else which causes AIDS (of which amongst other numerous ways of contracting, it is also sexually transmittable) thinking it is an exogenic retrovirus called HIV.

Life is all about energy. When you are strong and healthy, it means you are radiating maximally. Once a cell or tissue or an organ of the body is not radiating well, it falls sick and all other activities or functionings that depend either directly or indirectly on that cell, tissue or organ are also affected, and at the end of the day, the whole system falls sick.

AIDS is generally considered by many researchers as an energy deficiency problem. Greed and corruption have prevented any real progress in fighting the epidemic or its underlying causes. AIDS is observed as a toxic and nutritional syndrome resulting from malnutrition, unclean water, poverty, illness, and poor lifestyle choices. Our greatest war is not that of guns, grenades and bombs, it’s about food, drugs and unpurified vaccines. The large quantity of grease, salt, sugar, alcohol and decaying meat / fish we consume also weaken our immune system as well as other organs of the body. “Unpurified vaccines” harm the thymus glands (where T-cells grow to maturity) which is a vital part of the human immune system. Vaccines also destroy Vitamin C, one of the most vital vitamins that the immune system needs to defend itself against ailments from colds to cancers. The only safe vaccine is one that is never used (Dr. James R Shamnon).

We all have to understand that from research, all the medical conditions discovered, that always react positive for ‘HIV/AIDS’ are characterized by states of inflammations, chronic stimulation / activation of their immune systems, high levels of antibiotics, high level of free radicals especially those of oxidizing species.

 The much talked about ‘HIV’/ AIDS has become the focal point of nearly all lectures and seminars in Africa today by NGOs, Religious groups, schools, government Institutions, amongst others. This fight has been less successful because of the misleading or insufficient knowledge of the scientific background, the political and economical nature of this myth, coined and named HIV.



For over decades today, no one has been able to present evidence that the so-called HIV proteins or antigens (gp160/150, gp120, gp41/45/140, p34/32, p24, p18/17), are really constituents of HIV (Papadopoulos – Eleopulos et al 1993, 1996; de Harven 1998, 2002a, 2003; Giraldo 2002a; Giraldo et al 1999).

Unfortunately, these alleged “HIV proteins” or “HIV antigens” are used as antigens in serologic test for HIV, and this explains the complete lack of specificity of these tests.

It beats my logical imagination how “researchers or scientists” should even be carrying out research on what they have never seen.

HIV has never been either isolated or purified as a real virus. Some school of thoughts believe that the term HIV is a calculated attempt by the leaders of the Health Mafia to destroy and frustrate researchers who spent time and resources, from even coming out with the truth of what is actually killing Africans and those they call vulnerable groups or those they claim to lack the “AIDS resistant genes”.

Proper techniques for isolating and purifying viruses (formerly known as RNA tumor viruses) were established as early as 1964 (O’connor et al 1964; de Harven 1965a, b, 1974). The most common sources of material from which retroviruses can be isolated and purified are blood (viremia), other tissue homogenates, and supernatants fluids from infected cell cultures (de Harven 1965a, b).

The most frequent and reliable technique for isolation and purification of retroviruses includes the following primary steps:

  1. Concentration of the viral particles by centrifugation;

  2. Electron microscopy monitoring of the concentrated viral particles;

  3. Biochemical and genetic analysis of the purified viral particles.

  4. Controlling the experiments to avoid misinterpreting endogenous viruses as exogenous infectious retroviruses.

  5. Biological test to ascertain if the isolated retrovirus is indeed potentially pathogenic and virulent. (O’ Connor et al 1964; De Harven 1965a, b,1974)

Neither Montagnier nor Gallo or Levy et al who claim to have isolated “the AIDS virus” in 1983 and 1984, had adhered to these techniques (Barne’ – Sinousi et al 1983; Papovic et al 1984; Gallo et al 1984, Levy et al 1984). The first two steps were omitted. Instead of proving with the electron microscope that particles from the “infected” culture supernatant sediments at 1.16g/ml of sucrose, were composed primarily of viral particles (concentrated viral particles), they unfortunately provided but electron microscope photographs of stimulated / activated culture lymphocytes releasing particles similar to retroviruses. These same particles however, can be released by “non infected” stimulated / activated lymphocytes culture (Dourmashkin et al 1993).

The alleged existence of HIV was asserted from the study of proteins, reverse transcriptase activity (RT), and RNA fragments that were found in culture supernatants, not from the direct analysis of purified viral-particles.

In order to prove that the particles or molecules allegedly regarded as “makers” are part of a retrovirus named HIV, it would have been absolutely necessary to purify the retroviral particles, separating the particles from everything else. This has never been done with HIV (Papadopulos-Eleopulos et al 1996; de Harven 1998; Giraldo et al 1999).

However, long before the appearance of the first cases of AIDS, researchers working on the “RNA tumor viruses”, currently known as retroviruses, clearly knew that the first prerequisite for the study of virus sub components or molecule is to obtain firstly purified virus preparations (de- The and O’connor 1966). After purifying the “Maurine leukemia virus, these authors were able to employ selected chemicals (ie tween-ether, ribonuclease detergents) to disrupt the purified particle and release the internal component (de- The and O’Connor 1966). This was never done with HIV.

In current HIV/AIDS research, sedimentation in sucrose gradient at the density of 1.16g/ml was erroneously considered to yield pure virus, systematically ignoring that, material sedimenting at that density contains large amounts of cell debris and cellular microvesicles (Gluschankof et al 1997; Bess et al 1997). Therefore, proteins and nucleic acids found in such 1.16 bands are very likely to be of cellular origin and cannot be used as viral markers. Such faulty methodology has had extremely serious consequences, i.e. the world – wide use of HIV-antibody tests, ELISA and Western blot, which dangerously lack specificity as demonstrated in 1993 by Papadopulos et al (1993), in Australia (de Harven 1999).

More disturbing is the fact that the material sedimenting ingredient 1.16 in which some ‘markers’ are searched is the density where intact virions are expected to be found, but not their molecular fragments.

However, after 15 years of most intensive HIV research, two independent groups of researchers finally decided to explore by electron microscopy, the ultrastructural features of the material sedimenting at the 1.16 density. Working on ‘HIV, infected T-cell’ cultures supernatants, both groups found that it contains primarily, cellular debris and cell membrane vesicles which could definitely not be identified with HIV particles and rare ‘virus-like’ particles (Gluschankof el al 1997; Bess et al 1997). “Still this is the type of sample which ‘viral markers’ are currently identified and used to measure the effects of anti-viral drugs in current clinical trials (de Harven 1998)”.

The reverse transcriptase (RT) found in culture supernatants by researchers who claim to have isolated “the AIDS virus” (Barre’- Sinousi el al 1983; Papovic 1984) could just as well have a cellular origin, since this enzyme is ubiquitous (Rose et al 1971; Beljanski 1972; Coffin et al 1997). RT is not a unique feature of retroviruses as it was mistakenly thought to be by Montagnier, Gallo and Levy’s group.

The fact that after 25 years of intense research HIV has neither been isolated nor purified in terms of classical virology, indicates to us that the infectious view of AIDS as a contagious viral disease is based on an apparently non-existent microbe!

Researchers working with what they believe to be HIV in laboratories all round the world are most likely not working with HIV particles at all. There does not exist a single test tube in any laboratory anywhere containing purified particles of HIV.

Therefore, no one has, to date, presented evidence that the so called HIV proteins (proteins (p) and glycoproteins (gp)) or antigens (gp160/150, gp120, gp41/45/40, p34/32, p24, p18/17) are really constituents of HIV (Papadopulos-Eleopulos et al 1993, 1996; de Harven 1998, 2002a, 2003, Giraldo 2002a; Giraldo et al 1999). Unfortunately, these alleged “HIV proteins” or “HIV antigens” are used as antigens in the serologic test and this explains the complete lack of specificity of these tests.

Even the HIV viral load test is an amplification genetic test that makes copies of fragments of RNA that arbitrarily have been regarded as parts of the HIV genome. These fragments of RNA are found in culture supernatants or in patients’ blood. They are never, however, extracted directly from purified viral particles. What is known as “HIV- RNA” might just as well originate from culture cells or be present in the blood of persons undergoing stress and other chronic illnesses or deteriorating disease. It could also originate from endogenous, non-infectious retroviruses.

Moreover, it has been established that the human genome contains a sizable proportion of endogenous retrovirus-related sequence (Mager & Freeman 1987; Lieb-Mosch et al 1999).

In the decade prior to the appearance of AIDS, during President Richard Nixon’s “war against Cancer”, in order to identify “viral proteins” and to extract “viral RNA” samples, researchers successfully use highly purified retrovirus specimens from “viremic” animals. The method applied to achieve this purification of a typical retrovirus was rapid, inexpensive and reproducible (de Harven 1965a, b). However, “most surprisingly, nobody has ever succeeded in demonstrating HIV particles in the blood of any AIDS patient by this simple method, even though patients could have been selected for presenting a so-called high “viral load as determined by PCR methods” (de Harven 2003). PCR is a genetic technique that does not count viral particles at all (Mullis & Faloone), as physicians and lay people may think. It merely, makes copies of what is supposed to be HIV RNA (Roche 2003).

HIV Cloning” is likewise very misleading without first isolating and purifying retroviral particles, the cloning of a “specific HIV-RNA” is not possible (Papadopulos0 et al 1999). Neither does the cloning of fragments of nucleic acid found in supernatants of supposed “HIV – infected” cultures indicates HIV. The only way to properly achieve HIV cloning would be first to isolate and purify HIV particles and then to extract RNA from the purified particles. This has never been done with HIV!


The fact that the defenders of the “HIV is the cause of AIDS” hypothesis had to use genetic amplification – the PCR test – is a strong argument against HIV as the cause of AIDS.

It is infact shocking to realize that a diagnosis of HIV infection is so frequently based on test that are not specific for HIV, and even more so when one realizes that these non specific tests lead to the prescription of highly toxic anti-retroviral drugs.

There are abundant scientific publications which explains that, there are more than 70 different documented conditions that can cause the antibody test to react positive without an HIV infection (Johnson 1993, 1995, 1996a, b; Hodgkinson 1996; Turner 1996, 1997; Shenton 1998; Papadopulos et al 1993; Giraldo 1997d, 2000a; Giraldo et al 1996)

The definition of AIDS, as developed by the United States Federal Government Center for Disease Control and prevention requires a positive result on the antibody test for HIV (CDC 1992).

However, AIDS in many countries of Africa can be diagnosed without an HIV test or any other laboratory test. This was decided by American Public Officials and the World Health Organisation at a conference in Bangui, in Central African Republic, in October 1985 (Quinn et al 1986). This allows health professionals to diagnose AIDS in Africa based only on routine clinical symptoms and signs presented by the patient. However, the most prevalent disease in Africa are a direct consequence of chronic poverty and are usually manifested by symptoms and signs that are included in the Bangui definition of AIDS, such as a weight loss, chronic diarrhoea, prolonged fever, persistent cough, generalized prurifus. Even worse “the presence of generalized kaposi sarcoma, cryptococcal meningitis are sufficient by themselves, for the diagnosis of AIDS in Africa (Quinn et al 1986).

The antibody test for HIV are not standard and mean different things in different individuals, in different laboratories and in different countries (Papadopulos – Eleopulos et al 1993). They are interpreted differently in the United States, Russia, Canada, Australia, Africa, Europe and South America (CDC 1989; Zolla-Pazner et al 1989; De cock et al 1991; Voe vodin 1992 Maskill and Gutz 1992), which means a person who is positive in Africa can be negative when tested in Australia; a person who is negative in Canada can be positive when tested in Africa (continumm 1995). More embarrassingly, when the same sample of blood was tested on western blot test in 19 different laboratories, 19 different results were obtained (Lundberg 1988). This is also true with the “HIV viral load test” which are not reproducible, with a wide range of variability that is accepted in the quality control set by the companies making and commercializing the test.

To also have to amplify tiny amounts of genetic material in the blood of AIDS patients in order to identify HIV, instead of culturing the entire virus and isolating it, violates one of the central rules of infectious diseases, because in the severity climax of any real infectious disease, the patient has the highest amount of microbes in his / her tissues. It is at that time, therefore, that it should have been easy to isolate the microbes without having to use PCR genetic amplification.

As the Bible rightly says; curse is the man who places his trust on a fellow man; man is a sinner so do not place your trust on a sinner who can fail you at any time. Love all but trust only God alone who never fails. If God was not a spirit, he could not be perfect, that is why God has no confidence in human or the flesh or any outward rites or in human institutions. Life is all about choices and how you go about it. The key to a true life is nothing less than the marriage between knowledge, power and love. Knowledge or power or both, without love, will only result to the mess modern science or the so called “health science” has plunged the world into.

As acknowledged by the Montagnier, HIV has not been purified (papadopulos- eleopulos et al 1997/98) and the “HIV-proteins” cannot, therefore, be used as reliable marker of HIV. Retroviral particles have never been either isolated or purified directly from any individual AIDS patient. Claims to successful isolation have always been made from the analysis of highly complex (and frequently contaminated) cell cultures. The word “isolation” as used by the most noted researchers can be very misleading as has been pointed out many times.

Our inaccurate knowledge on this pandemic has been orchestrated by factors such as: greed, selfishness, ignorance, but it is only the truth that shall set us free; It is only the truth that shall set Africa and the rest of the world free.

High level of antibodies, present in “HIV – positive” individuals, are regarded as resulting from exposure to significant quantities of recreational drugs, semen, sexual lubricants, factor viii, blood and blood components, sexually transmitted infections, other variety of infections, mental distress, as well as to parasites, malnutrition, lack of clean water, and other unsanitary conditions. All these causes oxidative stress. As a result of chronic exposure to these factors, immune systems are chronically stimulated, with the subsequent production of polyspecific antibodies readily detected, non-specifically, on the ELISA and Western blots tests.

Biochemically speaking, the body responds, non-specifically, to exposures to “stressors” such as cocaine, sex lubricants, malnutrition, electromagnetic fields, unclean water, and parasites (selye 1939,1946,1982).

Therefore, the reactivity on the three main tests for HIV (ELISA, Weatern blot, and PCR or Viral load) could only result from multiple responses to a variety of chemical, physical, biological, mental and nutritional stress (Giraldo 1997a-e; 2000b, 2002). Additionally, the degree of reactivity on “HIV tests” may be proportional to the level of exposures to immunological stressor or oxidizing agents.

In this regard, the ‘HIV’ phenomenon has been plausibly explained as a response of cells to different types of stress. “HIV type1 (HIV-1)” replication and proviral gene expressions are exquisitely responsive to factors that induce cellular stress” (Bate et al 2000).

Interestingly, Robert Giraldo had the opportunity to demonstrate that all human blood samples react positively on the ELISA test when the tests are run with non-diluted serum. This indicates that all individuals have antibodies against what is supposed to be HIV.

The individuals that react positively only with straight serum would have a smaller quantity of antibodies than those reacting positively when the serum is diluted 400 times (Giraldo 1998)

This observation has been confirmed by Yugoslavian and Italian researchers (Metlas et al 1999).

Along the same line no one is HIV viral load negative. All samples of human blood, tested by PCR viral load, always demonstrate the presence of copies of what is termed “HIV-RNA”. The standard protocol for HIV viral load declares a blood sample negative if less than 400 copies of HIV-RNA are found. Similarly, the ultrasensitivity protocol for HIV viral load declares a blood sample negative if less than 50 copies of HIV-RNA are found (Roche 2003).

No single human being is therefore entirely free of copies of “HIV-RNA” in his or her blood. We all are “HIV viral load” positive to some degree. Whether this is due to minimal expression of endogenous retroviruses (or backward viruses) or to universal exposures to stressor agents remains to be analysed.

In addition, exposure to immunological stressor or oxidizing agents is the case of mild or moderate levels of immune suppressions present in many non-symptomatic individuals who react positively on the “tests for HIV”.

We all know that the immune system has three main functions:

  1. Defense against intruders

  2. Surveillance of the growth of some tumors

  3. Homeostasis or balancing of all body organs and systems.

With the collapse of these three functions, opportunistic infections, opportunistic tumors, and opportunistic metabolic diseases may develop. As a matter of fact, this is AIDS. AIDS, rather than being an infectious / viral disease, appears to be a toxic and nutritional syndrome (Giraldo 1997a-e; 2002). The successful nutritional and antioxidant therapies in the prevention and treatment of AIDS (Giraldo 2009, b) can now be better understood.

I will still reiterate that, The existence of the much talked about “HIV” has never been proven by anyone on earth. No one has been able to isolate, purified and prove its existence as has been done with other retroviruses in the past. No one has, to date, presented evidence that the so-called HIV proteins or antigens (gp160 / 150, gp120, gp41 / 45 / 40, p34 / 32, p24, p18 / 17) are really constituents of HIV (Papadopulos-Eleopulos et el 1993,1996; de Harvan 1998, 2002a, 2003; Giraldo 2002a; Giraldo et al 1996).

It appears very likely that PCR methods amplify small RNA fragments, more oftenly observed under conditions of stress and other chronic illnesses (Urnovitz et al 1999), and which includes retroviral segments origination from human endogenous retroviruses since 2% of the human genome have marked homology with retroviral genomes (lower et al 1996). Consequently, ‘meaning’ the ‘viral load’ by PCR methods is likely to have no relationship what so ever with real quantification of a hypothetical exogenous HIV viremia.

Kary Mulis himself, Noble prize Laureate for his discovery of the PCR method categorically rejects the use of ‘his’ method for quantitative measurements of a hypothetical HIV viremia (Mulis 1998), (de Harven 2003).

Even, “HIV cloning” is likewise very misleading. Without first isolating and purifying retroviral particles, the cloning of a “specific HIV-RNA” is not possible (Papadopulos – Eleopulos et al 1996; de Harven 1998; Geraldo et al 1999).

Therefore, since no retrovirus has ever been clearly demonstrated to be associated with AIDS patients, the HIV/AIDS hypothesis has to be fundamentally reappraised.

We must understand that we are seeds of the creator and as Nature (the Creator) dwells in battle with the wicked spirits of the beast, so must we on the physical level. God (Nature) is the first scientist and the only Healer.

We are suffering and dying because we have entrusted our health / life in the hands of man or (scientists, etc).

The failure for close to 30 years to isolate the responsible exogenic retrovirus claimed to be the cause of AIDS despite all the research works based on that single hypothesis; the failure to come up with a curative medication or vaccine, leaves us with no option than to courageously view AIDS differently, entirely outside the fields of infectious diseases and retroviralogy.

Let us all unite with love and compassion to defend mankind from “AIDS and the corruption of medical science”.

In order to cure AIDS: detoxify, deacidify, de-stress, de-oxididize and boost the immunity through herbs, vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Antioxidant vitamins have been found to avoid the progression of “HIV – positive” individuals into the clinical manifestation of AIDS. More so, “HIV –positive” mothers who have a normal blood level of vitamin A and Zinc seem to deliver “HIV- negative” babies.

I have therefore brought to you the plants of life (Twenty four in number) and the spices of life (Forty eight in number), all impregnated into Try-Me. These plants and spices grow in specific areas in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and India and are widely used by traditional healers for diverse purposes. God has given them to His children for use, in both good and difficult times. Try-Me is a perfect food and medicine for all humans.

If you have ever heard of the miraculous and supernatural powers of Tabenanthe Iboga and Moringa Olifera, then you will not question that of Try-Me (which contains 24 plants of life and 48 spices of life). Plants and spices which have been reserved as secrets for life, health and longetivity in certain communities and religious groups.

After a systematic study and research on so many health challenging factors, in different communities in the African continent, and the world at large for over (eleven) 11 years (as of 2006), I started working on how to come up with a single and “simple” remedy that, can go a long way in addressing most of those problems holistically without causing any harm to the system. Health being a state of physical wellbeing, mental alertness, social or emotional adjustment and spiritual development; Try-Me contains natural radiants which these plants have absorbed from heavenly bodies, purified and stored over the years that handles all the above mentioned health planes.

Try-Me has been produced to also meet up with the African wise concept and philosophy of health and science.

A pinch of Try-Me can be likened to a “Supernatural Health gadget” that obeys vocal instructions to act.

Whenever I speak over Try-Me and use on my patients, miracles happen. Speak over it and use to heal and free yourself from sickness and principalities in God’s name.

One of the laws of nature says “Eat only what will get rotten, but before it gets rotten”. This statement refers to organic products only. Man was made out of organics and not inorganics, so too, you should maintain, repair and heal man with organics only.

In The Holy Bible which is irrefutably the greatest source of knowledge for all great nations on earth, including those which do not believe in it, but have acquired knowledge from those who tap from it, it is written therein: “… for the leaves of the plants are for the healing of the nations (no disease exempted) Ezekiel 47:12 & Revelations 22:2. Also read Jeremiah 8:22, Genesis 3:18, Genesis 1:29, Romans 14:2, Proverbs 15:17, Psalms 104:14, to see the importance of plants for human life as proclaimed by God. Even Biochemical science, that is, in Biology, it is said “No plants, no life”.

Have you ever been told by man – who is operating on limited knowledge and resources that, your disease or health condition has no cure? I say No!!! Bearing in mind that God created me in His image and likeness, which means I have to operate like Him, and standing on the divine authority the Almighty Lord has given me as in Psalms 82:6 that, “Ye are gods” and to have dominion over all creation, to command nature to obey me as in Genesis 1:26-28 and to use plants to heal all nations of all ailments, with no exception as in Ezekiel 47:12, Revelations 22:2 and Jeremiah 8:22, I command Try-Me or The Miracle to heal and restore your health and freedom naturally and Supernaturally, giving you a state of wellness and wholesomeness and total freedom and dominion over nature and its operational forces. In the name of God Almighty, creator of Heaven and Earth, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of our great grand parents, our God, I give you this anointing healing balm from the Garden of Eden for your healing. Amen.

Try-Me or “The Balm of Africa is 100% Organic with a lot of mystical properties. It is produced from 24 most secret and miraculous plants for life in the Garden of Eden. It has also been blended with 48 spices of life. This product has optimum preventive and healing properties over so many natural and supernatural factors that affect humans negatively (directly or indirectly) either physically or emotionally (socially), mentally or spiritually. It brings about a complete healing and general wellness and balancing of your bodies thereby creating a state of wholeness and dominion over nature and its operational forces. Try-Me inhibits, eradicates, heals and keeps the whole system free from parasites, microbes (fungi, bacteria and viruses), and all negative radiations. It detoxifies and cleanses the blood of all impurities; repairs damaged cells and tissues and boosts the immune system naturally and supernaturally. It dissolves tumors and cancerous cells and regulates the functioning of all body cells, tissues and organs. It is a general body invigorator. It prevents premature ageing and gives the body senerity, beauty, longetivity when taken regularly or daily. It stimulates leucocytosis and is highly recommended for serious infectious diseases of the body organs including those of genital, respiratory and digestive systems.

Try-Me being a special product of “plants for life” of very high radiations, will eliminate insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression, psychological and psychosomatic disorders. It increases mental performance and concentration. It improves sexual capabilities in both men and women in a holistic manner. It is excellent for lungs, heart, kidney, liver and bladder problems. Try-Me also balances blood sugar and pressure. In fact, use it for all your health disorders and for a healthy living. Try- Me is an award winning natural medication, which is already drawing the attention of so many researchers in the world. “MEN OF GOD” (pastors, reverends or clergymen etc) can also use Try-Me together with prayers for healing of the sick. “For the Mortal Man (flesh) shall not live by prayers alone, but by bread and the word of God in his spirit”. (H.Hr. Dr. Fru).

Because of its high level of radiant energy, Try-Me has become one of the most effective compound against all forms of negative spiritual and witch-craft attacks, afflictions or manipulations.

I know you will as “A single medicine alone doing all that? Try-Me is more than a hundred drugs put together. It has been affected with God’s radiant power. Try –Me has brought back life and hope to thousands of patients suffering from simple to complex health crises including Cancer and AIDS patients all over the world. No one takes it and remains the same, try it and be a living witness.

What is known now as FRU’s Breakfast can be a Secret in Your LIFE.

Take first thing in the morning before you even thinkof brushing your mouth or taking a bath, and only eat again atleast 3hours later.


  • A large piece of pawpaw (cut into small slices)

  • A large banana (ripe) or 2 average sizes (sliced into small sizes)

  • A large piece of Avocado (‘pear’) (sliced into small sizes)

  • Two tomatoes (cut into small sizes)

    • Full Onion (average size), cut into small slices

  • two carrots (big), chopped into small sizes

  • A Tea-spoonful of Try-Me (spread over combination) if necessary.


  • 2 tablespoon of Olive oil

  • 2 tablespoons of Honey

  • ¼ glass of pure lemon juice

Mix above combination well to have a cream and spread on your food (A) above and enjoy nature.

  1. Take 2-3 glasses of water after consumption

Stay close to God, and take this daily along side a balanced diet and stay free from all the “WAHALAH” on earth. It is my secret meal I am giving to the whole world to live on as prescribed and stay healthy.

Thanks for your kind attention and time.

God bless us all.

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