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Need to Live On Nature

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Need to Live On Nature

Speaking during the donation exercise, the Chief Executive Officer of

GAEINAMED-CAM, Dr Richard Fru in a health talk to the children, emphasised the Importance of traditional medicine stressing on the need for human beings to live on nature because as he puts it, man was made out of nature The colonial masters, he stated painted traditional medicine black but God Dr Fru went on, has chosen him to rejuvenate traditional medicine ‘we are suffering today because we have neglected our nature the traditional healer regretted.

According to the traditional Doctor, the development of diseases such as liver complications, cancer amongst others as a result of toxic materials contained in drugs produced in the laboratory. Commenting on his reason of his gesture to the HOTPEC Orphanage, the traditional healer said God inspired him to visit the centre to share with the children.

His visit according to Chief Executive Officer, also falls in line with the continuation of GAEINAMED-CAM’s mission of healing and educate people on health Issues and to share the token of gifts with the underprivileged to let them know that the Institute of traditional   medicine has them at heart.

”Schools resumes very soon so we brought this little support to help the children and share in their educational burden”   Dr Fru said while handing the gifts to the authorities of the orphanage. While lauding the staff of the orphanage for their efforts, the “Canda Stick”   man as he is popularly known, advised the benefactors to do their Job with conscience for God will definitely bless them bounteously.

To the children, the traditional healer exhorted them to be obedient and respectful to their mentors who are like their parents for there is blessing in obedience.

HOTPEC Orphanage started in 1995 with five kids and has grown in leaps and bound with 80 children today thus the need for inadequate accommodation space, reason why the Assistant Director appealed for assistance from people of goodwill.

For its 14 years of existence, the centre is said to have benefited only once from government subvention through the Ministry of Social Affairs.

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