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Gross Generosity: Dr. Fru’s Garden Of Eden Donates to Prisoners

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Gross Generosity: Dr. Fru’s Garden Of Eden Donates to Prisoners

The management of the Garden   of Eden Institute of Natural   Medicine- Cameroon , GAEINAMED-CAM has stretched out its   philanthropic hand to the inmates of the Buea Central   Prison with a consignment of a dozen of bags of rice   worth several thousands of Francs CFA. The GAEINAMED-CAM delegation led by its Founder and the Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Richard Fru handed the gifts to the prison officials in a brief ceremony at the Buea Central prison yard on Saturday l8 July.

Even through the mobilization of the prisoners was not   done by the prison authorities on time as it usually obtains each time they receive an August guest, the   inmates managed to organize themselves and chanted   songs of praises to the Almighty God for their lives.   The beatings of their drums alongside the songs drew   the attention of others who were in their wards and   marked the start of the brief programme.   Welcoming the “Canda stick” delegation, the Coordinator of Visits at the Central Prison, Chief Wardress Elizabeth Fon, simply in one statement appreciated the gesture of GAEINAMED -CAM.

Later in an interview with Eden, the Chief Wardress stated that the goodwill     gesture of twelve bags of 50kg bags of rice would go a long way to nourish the nutrition   of the inmates. She promised that the consignment would be rationed to the benefit of the well over 400 ‘tenants’ of the Buea Central Prison.

While introducing the Garden of Eden Institute of Natural Medicine to the inmates and the prison authorities present, Peter Ndany, a staff of the institute said the visit to the prison falls in line with the organization’s policy of reaching out to the needy. He said their main objective is to encourage the prisoners, for, even though they are confined, they are still fellow brothers who need compassion.

Health And Moral Rearmament Talk

While at the central prison, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Garden of Eden Institute of Natural Medicine-Cameroon, Dr. Fru Richard, delivered a brief health as they can prevent various diseases and noted that health is not only a physical ability but also a state of mind.

The traditional healer said health is only about medicine but also about mental healing, reason why he called on the prisoners to be mentally alert. He advised them to come out of ignorance and negligence because it is the main cause of ill health. “Practice good hygiene. Do not take advantage that you are in prison and neglect your hygienic habit”, he advised.

Dirty clothes, grown hair, and other unhygienic behaviors were identified as some of the causes of skin diseases that are common in the prison.

Talking about social healing, Dr. Fru exhorted the prisoners who are the beneficiaries of his humanitarian gesture to abstain from devilish activities, reminding them the biblical words that “the evil that men do leaves after them”.

This, the traditional healer encouraged the prisoners detainees to go closer to God through spiritual development.

“try to pray for change because you are the people to build this nation. We are here to demonstrate that God loves you so do not think that God hates you”, said dr. fru.

The traditional doctor told the inmates to be happy for it is only God alone who know why they are in prison.

While encouraging the inmates that all hope is are not lost, the doctor urge them to use their stay prison us a place for change, stating that the confinement is meant to correct their errors committed in one way or the other. After all, there are prison graduates who are today successful men, the traditional doctor told the prisoners.

Speaking to Eden after the donation, GAEINAMEDCAM Managing Director said the gift is just a token and likened it to giving a person a fish that would feed him only for a day. To him, the educational message on holistic health would teach the prisoners how to fish and fend for their lives.

He added that the token is also for the inmates to know that they are not abandoned. “It is   our own gesture to show them that we have them at heart” the traditional doctor opined.   His freewill   gesture started some years back with visits to some underprivileged centers such as the HOTPEC Orphanage, the Bulu Blind Centre amongst others.

Saturday’s donation was to be preceded by a similar exercise at the Buea Borstal Institute for Rehabilitation but has been postponed to September because the students are on vacation.

Meantime, the Representative of the inmates, Eric Chum appreciated   heartily   the gesture but like Oliver Twist wants more of such gestures.

Another inmate who has been at the Central Prison since   2004, Pastor   Blaise Motase posited that the donation will to a certain extent help reduce the hunger crisis at the prison. He prayed that the visit should have an impact on the lives   of the prisoners.

The donation ceremony was also marked by a question and answer session in which Dr. Fru answered some questions   from the inmates. Some enquired on how, they could reach to him when they are sick while others simply wanted to know how they can treat some diseases, The traditional healer advised that any of them wishing to see him should address the situation with the prison administration that would permit him to treat them.

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