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Dr. Fru’s Garden of Eden in Philanthropist Gesture to Orphanans

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Dr. Fru’s Garden of Eden in Philanthropist Gesture to Orphanans

Over Sixty one orphans of the Benedictine Sisters of Bethany and The Good Shepherd Home, Abango Bamenda will have food on their tables for at least a month thanks to Dr. Fru Richard and his Garden Of Eden Institute.

Dr. Fru led a heavy delegation of staff of the Garden of Eden and other interested in humanitarian activities to climb up the rough slope leading up to that angelic centre otherwise called children’s home. The kids had put on an outfit reminiscent of evacuees. They had lined up in anxious wait for the ‘relief team’ of Dr. Fru with an alluring welcome song that touched the hearts of all, including the over fifteen pressmen and women present. After the opening prayers by a Rev. Brother, a bouquet of flowers was offered Dr. Fru by one of the orphans. After presenting a health talk which he qualified as a regular thing the Garden of Eden has been in during the last decade, Dr. Fru dwelt   on the King Grass as a vegetable medication. He marveled the clergy persons present by quoting extensively from the Bible, vis: Hosea 4:6

Ezekiel 42:12

Revelation 22:2; Jeremiah 8: 22 etc.   Reacting to this altruistic and humanitarian gesture from the Garden of Eden, the Mother Superior, Sr. Jane Manka’a, founder the Good Shepherd Home(GSH),  expressing   her joy and appreciation for the gesture, felt like she and the kids were already in heaven. She opined that Dr. Fru must have been enthused by God Himself, for since three weeks ago, there has been no rice, and the kids have been praying for rice all this while. Moreover, thirteen babies are badly in need of milk, yet, all the appeals they’ve made to Nestle have fallen on deaf ears. Thank God, today, He has stimulated one of his sons, Dr. Fru, to share his blessings with the children by offering ten bags of rice and ten cartoons of Nestle milk. ”  when you give to an   orphan child, God doubles your blessings” she stated.

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