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Dr.Fru Creates The Unexpected!

Receives 3 Awards Within 2 days

        It happens once in the lives of many people, yet with Dr. Fru Richard, it has almost been a recurrent yearly event. Within the last 5 years, none of the year goes-by, without the renowned modern traditional practitioner having a distinction. If an award is not in his name, then it is directed to one of his outstanding drugs or research discoveries. Last May 12, 2012 the Life Time Group bestowed two awards on the Buea based genius, then a third by the Watch Dog. These are renowned English newspaper outfits operating within Cameroon. Yet, to think the awards would lure Dr. Fru to sleep, may not be appropriate.

Last Saturday June, 2, 2012, Dr.Fru stormed Bertoua capital of the East region to officially inaugurate the newest of his clinics. It was a “come-and-see” event, given the landmark endeavours of the modern traditional healer, whose trappings had been heard of , for years in the East, yet his services long expected until June 2, 2012.

Dr.Fru In Bertoua and Other Novelties

        Saturday June 2, 2012 was a memorable day to Bertoua residents and the entire East region. The inauguration of Dr.Fru’s newest clinic had been announced days earlier, though the clinic had been in operation for a month. According to Dr. Fru, he preferred making a mark only last June 2 in Bertoua, in line with his philosophy that “we always like to disclose our plans after our achievements”.

Dr.Fru exploited the Bertoua rendezvous to sensitize the population about the need to live in fine fettle. He displayed in an exhibition some of his drugs, including the award winning TRY-ME. His other discoveries like Anti-Oxy-Toxin (AOT), the “25 Star Tea” (Tea of Wisdom) and “TRIDESOL” (Try-Dis-One), a product taking care of cancer were principally on display.

Patients were consulted upon the numerous illnesses afflicting humanity. Those who came merely to watch were there: patients too queued-up to have an elixir to their health disquiets. By the end of the day, some of the attendants confessed to Chronicle that they were elated that Dr.Fru had finally made his in roots in Bertoua.

The Bertoua Branch clinic of Dr.Fru is found /located at Chefferie de Nkolbikon II. It is accessibly just as his clinics in Bamenda, Yaoundé, Limbe and other parts of Cameroon. Dr. Fru told Chronicle that Bertoua was just a stepping stone: that his clinics would permeate the national territory and the borders. The success in Bertoua, Chronicle was told is what ignites him to eye Ebolowa, Maroua, Garoua, Ngaoundere and all other parts in Cameroon to salvage humanity.

This notwithstanding, Dr.Fru holds that his services are not only limited to Cameroon but the world at large. Last year, he roved out of the country to one of the neighbouring countries. He told Chronicle that “we want to spread our services all over the world so that in future, we receive International awards”.

Dr.Fru told Chronicle that he has at least 15 new products, which he intends to release this June. “We have a lot of products which we are working on behind closed doors”, he averred. 

Already, Chronicle is aware of the outstanding trappings or Dr.Fru. So far, some of Dr. Fru’s great innovations within the health domain include three new products:

  • “NeutrActiva” is a supernatural and anointed drug which is purely spiritual. It is consumed as tea, yet has healing and deliverance acumen. According to Dr.Fru, “we discovered that most of the problems people suffer in society are spiritual”. He averred that most often, modern doctors depend on the physical symptoms, thinking there are primary. He concluded that “NeutrActiva attacks the root cause of most of our problems”.

There is also the “25 Star Tea” (Tea of Wisdom), meant for a class. According to Dr.Fru, it is meant for people who govern or rule society. A lot about the depths of this tea, could be apprehended on Dr.Fru’s website (

Again, Dr.Fru has “TRIDESOL” (Try-Dis-One). This, he says treats cancer. It is a new product which he says would be launched soon, and many others, which he has been researching on.

Dr.Fru, The Laureate

        No one having two awards in a roll can be more elated than another with just one. Dr.Fru himself was surprise last May 12, 2012 when instead or returning to his Buea base with a single award, he went back not with two, but with three (3).

The first was for him, Dr.Fru. Life Time identified him as “The Best All Round Modern Tradi-Practioner in Research”. This was presented to him at the Ayaba Hotel banquet hall. Dr.Fru thought it was all over, despite being nominated for two awards by Life Time.

The next was handed to him at the Ayaba Hotel reception by the Life Time publisher, Tim Finnian Njua. Being the Chief Executive Officer, CEO of The Garden of Eden, Dr.Fru was handed the award for the drug “Try-Me”. “Try-Me” was elected as Life Time 2011 “Best Curative Modern Traditional Drug”.

The next day, Sunday May 13, 2012, Dr.Fru received at his Ntarikon clinic, an award by the Watchdog Tribune group. Akamancho Ezekiel Dotta handed an award that would have been done in April 2012. It was “the Watchdog 2011 award to the Garden of Eden in Buea”.

By the time Dr.Fru left Bamenda, he was cocooned by three (3) distinct awards. He told Chronicle shortly after that, “these awards are from God”. He said God has just been using humans to hand them to him. He said he was surprised because he was receiving 3 awards in just 2 days. To this, he said it has never happened because instead of one or two awards, he returned to his base in Buea with three awards.

According to Dr.Fru, the awards were just an encouragement and to show how Cameroonians acknowledge and appreciate what he has been doing. Responding to a question why it is only “Try-Me” and not “AOT” winning, Dr.Fru told Chronicle that because AOT, a curative drug for HIV/AIDS faces a lot of challenges, there will be time for it to be raised on the pedestal.

Dr.Fru said the awards were just a start for him: that he expects thousands of them nationally and internationally, more so as he would not relent in his research. “The awards are just encouragements, a boost, and stimulant to encourage me to work harder”, he ended.