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Dr. Fru the Unbeatable Genius in Modern Traditional Medicine – LIFE TIME NEWSPAPER

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Dr. Fru the Unbeatable Genius in Modern Traditional Medicine – LIFE TIME NEWSPAPER

Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the greatest leaders that ruled France once opined that “To do all that one is able to do, Is to be man, to do all that one would like to do, is to be god” This sounds very simplistic but in it’s essence of existence. God created man in his image. This therefore means that God the creator created man in order for man to finish the job of creation. In order words, God created man to recreate the world and leave it a better place than he met it. It for this reason that Dr Fru has been striving to do all that his ability permits him to do in order to improve on the standards set as norms by society. The only regret is that despite the will of man to improve on society, his abilities may not permit him to go far. But the worst regret is that some people have the abilities to perform miracles, signs and wonders but are unaware of these inert abilities. They sit and idle away their existence putting the blame on others. And while they sit idling out their existence, others burn the midnight oil to improve on their lives and on the lives of other people In fact, their collective impact on society is felt through their singular deeds and through the sum – total of their collective efforts. Dr. Fru is of this category. He is a role model, pace setter and track blazer in traditional medicine, Dr. Fru has become very unique and he fervently believes in the dictum that victory is not for those who quit but for those who endure to the end. Dr. Fru has made giant strides in the field of traditional medicines with so many unchallenged discoveries to his credit. This nice looking gentleman is a force to reckon with. He has proved through his research that he is an unbeatable genius in the field of modern traditional medicines.

That is the reason why celebrations marking the 8th Edition of Traditional Medicine in Cameroon witnessed a new scenario in Buea, At Dr. Fru’s Garden of Eden International Healing Research Foundation. August 31st, more than thirty Media houses were present, There was a Press Conference where Dr, Fru exploited the avenue to show that traditional medicine and Religion are bed fellows. He equally faulted conventional medicine for eclipsing traditional medicine. This year’s event was celebrated under the theme “Development and integration of Traditional Medicine in the National Health System”. It began with free consultations and treatment, with vitality, universally, and Nest Canda targeting all diseases. Other activities which followed was a tug-of-war, film projection, a health talk by H.HR. DR, Fru, fashion parade and free distribution of medicine teas. A gala night wrapped up the celebrations.


It was during the Press Conference that Dr. Fru unveiled that the decision to celebrate African Traditional Medicine was hatched after Ministers of Hea1th in Africa adopted the relevant resolutions at the 50th session of the World Health African in Health Committee in Ouagadougou-Burkina Faso. He said a date was fixed for the promotion of traditional medicine. Dr, Fru cited Dr. Samba, Regional Director of WHO, explaining that the choice of the themes of the celebrations in current years, was not be accident. He said in 2003, during the first edition of the celebrations, the theme, “Traditional Medicine our culture, our future”, was designed to raise awareness and promote the integration of traditional medicine into the National Heath system.

Quoting Dr, Samba, Dr Fru said   traditional medicine is ”Our culture our heritage”; which he said occupies the pride of place in Africa because it is available and easily accessible; it is socially sanctioned and culturally accepted, he opined. He equally added that traditional medicine doesn’t infringe on the culture of our society. Accordingly, traditional doctors have the major challenge – that of institutionalisation.

H.HR. Dr. Fru declared that the image of traditional medicine in Africa received a boost when African Heads of State Declared in Abuja – Nigeria that research in traditional medicine be made a priority.

Following the theme of the second edition of the African Traditional Medicine Day in 2004, Dr. Fru said the theme was chosen to underline the role traditional medicine has been playing and continues to play in diagnosis and treatment of diseases in African health setting. During the press conference, journalists were allowed to ask questions concerning traditional medicine.


Dr. Fru testified to the pressmen and women that traditional medicine and Religion are one. “They are just like body and soul” adding that separating them is just separating the body from the soul” He said traditional medicine and Religion is vice versa. Drawing afflatus from the Bible, he said, when God created Adam and Eve, they lived and grew on traditional medicine He quoted Luke whom he said was a traditional healer. He became more convincing, when he said in the days of old there was no conventional medicine, yet people lived many more years than today According to Dr Fru. “Even Jesus practiced traditional medicine He cited the case where Jesus used mud and spit to heal the blind man. He said those who accuse traditional doctors of being dirty, is because they understand their philosophy. Dr Fru acknowledged the fact that traditional doctors have powers, but regretted that most of them have used these powers negatively to harm people and society.


On a question about HIV/AIDS cure, Dr Fru said HIV/AIDS is something that physicians and lay people don’t know about. Quoting the World Bank President, he said, “HIV is more a political and economical issue than we think”.

Answering a question another question Dr. Fru noted that according to resolutions of the Centre for Disease Control CDC, Conference held in Bangui in 1985, they had been warned that the testing of HIV should be based on clinical signs and symptoms.

According to Dr. Fru, ”We are healing people of HIV/AIDS”. He said HIV/AIDS is a code given to a variety of proteomes. He said he doesn’t solely depend on laboratory test, which he said merely guides him. Dr. Fru testified that there is a cure for HIV/AIDS, depending on what he aid is called “Cure”. He thereon   brought our three words – cure, heal and treat which he amplified.

”Healing doesn ‘t exist in conventional terms. It is cure,” he averred adding that “Cure  means, to make the situation better.” He thereon opined that “Healing means to eradicate”. And in conclusion, he said because in traditional medicine, the belief is healing, “That is why we call traditional doctors and men of Gcd as Healers”

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