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Dr Fru provides food stuffs to Orphans

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Dr Fru provides food stuffs to Orphans

Buea based tradi-practitioner, Dr Richard Fru, founder of the Garden of Eden

International Healing and Research foundation has donated 29 bags of rice, 80 liters of palm oil and 200 sachets of Nescanda tea, (his product) to orphans of the Rhema Grace orphanage in Ombe, southwest Region the tradi-practitioner offered the foodstuff during a solemn occasion attended by Southwest Regional Delegate of social Affairs Valentine Asongtia Foreke

Besides the gifts, Dr Fru gave a health talk to the orphans in which,   he noted that he was an anointed healer of God who has come to share spiritual, mental and health knowledge.

He sad God created the world and created the herbs, which according to him, are to be consumed by man, ”yet same people are condemning traditional medicine which are made of herbs” Dr Fru said traditional medicine Is the bedrock of all medicines on earth Drawing aspiration from the Book of Ezekiel Chapter 47: 12 in the Bible, Dr Fru and the leaves of plants are far healing.

”Traditional medicine will soon be the leading medicine on earth and convention al medicine will disappear traditional medicine is ordained by God to heal human beings, Dr Fru said He advised all and sundry to make use of natural plants instead of synthetics, to repair the body, which he said is organic ”Man is organic so we should use organic materials on cure ourselves because synthetic destroys instead of repaving, says the tradi- practitioner He advised the children to follow the prescription of the Bible and humour their parents (benefactors) Dr you, who was recently awarded best tradi- practitioner of the year by a local tabloid, said his philanthropic gestures which, he started with an orphanage in Bamenda, Good

Shepherd was for “purely humanitarian reasons no strings attached to it ”

The Overseer of the orphanage, Rev Alain Ntoko, expressed gratitude to the tradi-practitioner. He stated that the food stuff was com-   ing when they had run   short of food. Social Affairs Delegate, on his part, said the donator was a gesture of national solidarity perpetuated by Dr Fru He said the founder alone cannot take care of all the needs of the orphanage without assistance from benevolent people in the society “To take care of orphans is a very delicate task and the government alone cannot cater for all the orphans in the country That is why we welcome the efforts of some individuals who come in from time to time to chip in something. And in doing so we must be there to evaluate the quality of the products being given to the children,” says Foretia.

Rhema Grace Orphanage

Rhema Grace Orphanage It was founded in April 1998 by a missionary   called Mercy Bate Tataw. It has both a Primary and Secondary school where the orphans undergo general education. They are taught by missionaries and other volunteers. According to Ntoko the orphanage harbours 54 orphans and they have successfully churned out over a hundred children ”We train the children; some have proven to be economically viable and are now independent. One of them came to inform us that the wife has put to birth.

God has really helped us to do much and that is our joy” Ntoko said He said they go out to fish for orphans

and other needy children In the process, they sensitize the public and also carry out investigations about the needy children ”The social Affairs delegation also brings in some children for us to take care of and when we receive a child from the public we register the child at the Delegation of Social Affairs before admit- ting them here. They are the supervisory body to our activities, Ntoko said their difficulties, he mentioned, include, settling their hospital bills, rents for the premises and improving on existing accommodation.

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