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Dr Fru of the Garden of Gden: The Great Inventor

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Dr Fru of the Garden of Gden: The Great Inventor

He is a young and dynamic tradi-practitioner. Over the years Dr Fru alias Kanda stick has modernised the practice of traditional medicine.  In the domain of traditional medicine Dr Fru has proven that he is not Just a practitioner, but he is as well an Inventor. His drug TRY ME is already a trade mark and is selling all over Cameroon and beyond.

Innocent Nwoko a Nigerian scholar once said “if you can not believe In you” this is exactly what Dr Fru is. He believes in himself and his inventions first and that is why he takes his time to explain to people what his drugs are and how they function. Dr Fru as one who is confident about himself has opened a school to train traditional practitioners. All his centres and branches are headed by his trainees. Recently, Dr Fru has been making some giant strides with his widely acclaimed TRY ME drug. This drug according to Dr Fru, has an irresistible strength over all parasitic, bacterial, fungal, viral and super natural effects on humans. TRY ME of Dr Fru ls highly solicited not only In Cameroon but In several other countries.

Energetic as he is Dr Fru has been moving from one African country to another. In Guinea Conakry, Dr Fru is not only admired, he is adored and his magical drug TRY ME has become a household name.

The Nigerian Food and drug, Authority (NAFDAC) is already working on TRY ME to give it a registered number. But before that is done, TRY ME is already selling In Nigeria like hot cake.

According to Information gathered TRY ME sells in Nigeria at 5000 frs whereas in Cameroon, it is sold at give away price of 2000 frs TRY ME has also been accepted in another big West African country like Ghana Here the magic drug is even being prescribed by medical Doctors to patients who come consulting in hospital.

News of Dr Fru’s TRY ME has been spreading rapidly because of its efficiency. So recently when Dr Fru visited Ivory Coast, he got a reception that was reminiscent to the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem, In Abidjan Dr Fru is reported to have been working to the extent where he only had to rely on God for energy to continue consultation. There is also increasing pressure for Dr Fru to sit up his clinics in other towns of Ivory Coast where he is now been described as a junior brother to Jesus Christ

TRY-ME is reportedly being recommended In Europe, the US and other parts of the world. Here, families in buy large quantities and send to their relations and loved ones in  ove sea countries. TRY-ME according to Dr Fru is an anointed drug. It has overwhelming and irresistible power over all forms of physical, mental ailments. It is a  panacea produced from 24 emotional and spiritual plants of life and 48 spiced of imbalance or malaise.

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