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Dr. Fru donates food items to Rhema Grace Orphanage

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Dr. Fru donates food items to Rhema Grace Orphanage

March 3rd, 2010 was, indeed, a memorable day in the history of the Rhema Grace Orphanage in Ombe-Mutengene. H. Hr. Dr. Fru Richard, founder of Dr. Fru’s Garden Of Eden International Healing and Research Foundation in Wonya Mavio, Mile 18-Muea Road, Buea and his staff visited and donated foodstuff to the orphanage. The donation included twenty bags of rice four 20 litres of palm oil and two hundred packages of medicinal tea. On arrival, Dr Fru and his team were warmly welcomed by the orphans (aged between two and 21years) and authorities of the Orphanage. Rhema Grace Orphanage, located far away from Brasseries du Cameroun Ombe, as at now has 54 orphans But it has brought up and graduated many others The orphanage, which has a school to provide quality education and skills   to its inmates became functional in 1 998 and so far has reportedly received Just once little support from the Cameroon government in its twelve years of existence.

Reverend Bate Tataw Mercy, director of Rhema Grace Orphanage, was absent but was ably represented at the ceremony by Ntoko Alain, a staff. Ntoko briefed his quests on the history, mission and functioning of the orphanage. He particularly thanked Dr Fru for thinking about the orphanage and coming to commune with them. He Prayed God to continue providing wisdom and protection to Dr. Fru for his efforts to improve health care delivery with tradition- al/natural medicine. ”We are very glad and blessed with your visit. We appreciate what you have come to do here, May God continue to bless you”, Ntoko told his guests.

Guta Peter a worker of Dr Fru’s Garden Of Eden International Heal ing & Research

Foundation, also used the ceremony to brief the orphans and their guardians on the foundation’s objectives and accomplishment that include discovery and production of drugs from plants and the treatment or cure of hundreds of thousands of people with deadly ailments and the education of the public on the importance of traditional /natural medicine. Dr. Fru also gave a health talk about the importance of traditional medicine, which was listened to keenly by the orphans, as evidenced by the questions they asked the healer after his talk.

Before presenting the foodstuff, Dr, Fru gave words of assurance and advice to the orphans. ”Dear children, please obey your parents (guardians) in order to be blessed by the Almighty God. These (referring to the guardians) are your parents; respect them and don’t be stubbornly he said. ”I pray that the spirit of God should   reign in this orphanage and protect everybody”

Dr Fru, conscious how detractors often misinterpret gestures made by people of goodwill stresses that, he is not a politician who gives in exchange for votes He added that since he started operating 15 years ago, nobody has financed any of his activities ”We are here on a Godly   mission God asked me to come and share with you today It is God’s work we are doing! ” he noted. Dr Fru, who had before made donations to other needy people in a quiet manner noted he decided to make the donation public so as to encourage others to be generates with their wealth

Present as an eye of the Government at the ceremony was the Southwest regional delegate for social affairs Chief Asongtia Valentine, who lauded Dr Fru’s gesture saying it was in line with government’s call for collective efforts to empower the needy He expressed the hope that Dr Fru’s gesture would

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