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TESTIMONY: A woman cured of HIV/AIDS

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TESTIMONY: A woman cured of HIV/AIDS

TESTIMONY: A woman cured of HIV/AIDS

Dr. Fru Richard, Dr of Naturopathy, N.D and Chief Executive of the Garden of Eden Naturopathic Institute of West Africa has been in the practice for over 18 years today. He has encountered numerous cases considered impossible and overcomes the odds with his natural medicinal products. Recently he cured HIV/AIDS, confirmed by all present, below is the full story.

It was on the 11 May 2013, when H. Hr. Dr. Richard Fru was receiving awards on Anti Oxy Toxin (A.O.T), the cure for H.I.V/AIDS and TRY-ME at Ayaba Hotel Bamenda. On this same fateful day, there was celebration at the Yaounde branch clinic of the Foundation where a patient was tested HIV/AIDS negative after receiving treatment from Dr. Fru. The patient who bares the name Sidonie (the other names have been withheld) went to Centre Pasteur in Yaounde for control and she was tested HIV/AIDS negative in March. The doctors there were surprised and withheld her results, then ask her to come back after 3 months, that is in June 2003 to re-conduct the test since they were not sure of what happened. After 3 months, she went back to Centre Pasteur in Yaounde, upon reaching the hospital, she met the laboratory technician and the nurse who conducted her previous test under police custody, reasoning that they might have received bribe from the Doctor who requested the test to give false results in order to publicize the Doctor and his clinic. Also, since they had never had such a case in their hospital, they repeated the test together with the senior doctor of the hospital present and other doctors, her result was still negative. So they asked her which doctor treated her but due to the fear generated due to the police custody and pressure from the doctors there (because they had never seen such a case), she was scared to be open to them. She came back for her rendez-vous to see Dr. Fru and there also in the laboratory we conducted the HIV/AIDS test on her and it was negative. The patient said, she has the fear of being monitored by the police as they were insisting on knowing who treated her and she also felt the life of her Doctor was in danger. She has been HIV/AIDS positive for more than 10 years and her husband died 10 years ago because of the same illness. Due to the police involvement in the case, she had to retire back to her native village to stay there until the heat is over. So, H. Hr Dr. Richard Fru is telling or announcing to the whole world and those in Centre Pasteur that  he is the Doctor who treated her and there are many other cases whose viral loads(charge viral) are already below detectable levels with very high CD4 counts.

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