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Dr. Fru Announces New HIV/AIDS Cure LAunching For May 27, 2011

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Dr. Fru Announces New HIV/AIDS Cure LAunching For May 27, 2011

Everbody Has anti-Bodies for HIV/AIDS – Says Dr. Fru As He Launches New Drug On May 27, 2011

Last December, Dr Fru Came out with his revelation: The discovery of a new drug called Anti-Oxi-Toxin (AOT) for the treatment of HIV and AIDS. You sounded positively that there would be an official presentation/ launching of this drug. Today, we don’t hear about that programme again. What is happening?

When we came out with the drug, we were not aware that so many people would be interested in it. When we went into advertising the drug on facebook and the Internet, we discovered that so many people and researcher groups in South Africa and other parts of the world became sop interested about it. Also, so many groups in Cameroon have been calling and showing a lot of interest in it.

In fact, there is still a lot to carry out on this drug: that is why we postponed its launching. We have actually settled to launch the drug on May 27th 2011. It would be a grand event.

However, the drug is not yet out for public consumption. So, we are still working on it. I believe it wouldn’t take long for it to be out in the market thought several research institutions are ready to conduct research on this drug.

Dr. the last time we talked to you, you said the drug is free to researchers.

We are interested to provide this to those who will come in good faith to carry our research. Those who are interested for the wellbeing of humanity. We are not going to work with political associations who have their secrete agenda.

Ca we therefore know the reaction of those researchers who have been opportune to lay hands on the Anti- Oxy-Toxin?

The drug has proven its worth just as Try-Me. What we said Try-Me would do, performed even better. It is the same thing with AOT. It is a miraculous drug. We borrowed the formula of AOT fro Try-Me. We just improved on it to be specialized in the treatment of HIV/AIDS. Don’t forge that Try-Me has proven the throughout the world for being the best treatment of HIV/ADS.

A.O.T is not yet in the market. How therefore can you qualify its effectiveness?

The drug is not yet placed in sachets or bottles but we have been using it privately on patients. Even those taking the drug never knew they had been placed on AOT. They just knew of a powdered drug, administered to them by Dr Fru, which is performing miracles in their life with no name.

Let’s now look at the treatment of HIV/AIDS and its aftermath

HIV/AIDS is an energy deficiency disease. And as you know, the body is said to be sick when that part of the body cannot perform its duties. This is where deficiency of energy comes in. Everything about life: Its existence and functioning on any cell in the body depends on energy, which are of different types: radiation, electrical, heat, mystical energy etc that the cells need to revitalize itself. The way God created the body, it has that ability to revitalize/ heal itself. What happens often is that the body cells need external raw materials. Most of what we send into the body is not the right material. This usually causes these systems to be malfunctioned. In this case, it gives way for diseases to come in and invade them. Anti-Oxy-Toxin is a raw material. It is not fighting the disease directly. It is a raw material that supplies holistically the elements that the cells need to function and revitalize themselves. It is an indirect cure in the system.

It is not going to fight the virus and kill it. It is just a raw material that supplies nearly all what the body needs to revitalize its system. That is the philosophy on which we have worked on to come with AOT.

When diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, it means the system is being poisoned through one or many factors which, causes inflammation of body cells and subsequent death or mutations. This is known as oxidative stress. That is why you need anti-oxidants to treat HIV /AIDS. Oxidative stress can be due to physical factors: bacteria, fungi, viruses, poisoning, poor life style, unclean water, drugs etc. It can be due to mental stress, spiritual impurities which have been deposited in the body and which go and block the active sites of the cells rendering them(cells) unable to combine with oxygen for oxidization of food.

When active sites which have to combine with oxygen to burn food to release energy; and also to kill germs, purify blood of toxins, etc are blocked by certain elements (cell inhibitors), toxins and waste accumulate in the cells, causing inflammations, poisoning and subsequent death of the cell.

When the system is chronically stimulated by these toxins and other elements that are left in the cells, it now produces so many antibodies, indicating how the body had become under danger or stress.

Most often, when one uses the Elisa or western blot test, which is used to test HIV antibodies, the test shows positive on these antibodies, which are not specific. The Western blood test, the Elisa method is not specific. Even the PCR-RNA method to check viral load is not specific. There is no body that will conduct a test or carry out PCR-RNA (Polymerase chain reaction RNA) test which will show that the person is not having copies which mark HIV RNA.

Whether you are HIV negative, one’s you go for the test, it will always show that you have some RNA protein for HIV. And if you concentrated the serum of a healthy person 400 times, its reaction will show HIV positive. But if you dilute it 400 times it will react negative to those with lower HIV antibodies and positive for people who have higher antibodies in their blood.

So it means that HIV test indicates: chose but people whose system is at risk. But those whose system is not risk, it will show negative, which does not mean that if you are negative, you do not have antibodies for HIV.

Everybody has antibodies for HIV but those who show positive are those at a higher risk, while those who are negative are at the lower risk. Positive indicates that the body is about to be overtaken by the “terrorist” to rule the system; Negative means the immune system is in control.

Those whose system is at higher risk can easily transmit these “viruses” of negative information to those who are not at risk.

Thank you Dr. for this simplistic but brilliant explanation. One last aspect: when will AOT effectively be marketed? What therefore will become the fate of the award winning drug, Try-Me?

Try-Me still has its role because AOT will not perform the duty of Try-Me. It is specialized for HIV/AIDS. AOT has been modernized to treat HIV; but Try-Me was not produced for that, although it is proving to be the best for HIV/AIDS. Try-Me is a holistic healing Panacea that people use to heal all sorts of diseases, without limitation. Try-Me is treating etc because when you take Try-Me to cure liver problems, it ends up curing the heart, Kidney; is that not etc?

Try-Me is a supernatural and holistic healing panacea with no limitation. It is just like you take anointed water. No one says anointed water is specialized on treating XYZ. It is something that has been affected by supernatural radiations and with no limitations. It now works in conjunction with the person’s faith. Once your faith moves in resonance with the radiation coming out from the medicine, and the radiation coming out from you, it performs miracles.

So Try-Me has its place and AOT too has its own place. So it has nothing to do with Try-Me.

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