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A Report on Celebration Marking The End of The Year 2011

It has become a tradition over the years that the end of each year had always been celebrated by the Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation, H.Hr.Dr.Fru. These celebrations had always been organized in the premises of the Foundation, with people of all walks of life invited. The end of the year 2011 was not an exception as tradition was again respected.

The day began with the sharing of Gifts to the old and less privilege between the hours of 11: am to 1: pm. H.Hr.Dr.Fru and the Foundation under the canopy of “Father New Year” shared bags of rice, spaghetti, shoes and dresses to the old and less privilege who turned out en masse on this day. H.Hr.Dr.Fru made sure that these groups of people were happy to see the end of the year as they were also entertained with food, drinks and music. They constituted the Blinds, the Lame, the Cripple and the Old. Most of them could not hide their excitement as they gave their gratitude to H.Hr.Dr.Fru asking him not to relent as God will always bless him. They cried out in desperation that if other people could be acting like Dr.Fru then the old and less privilege will have nothing to regret. In attendance were Journalists from CRTV Buea Regional Station, Mount Cameroon FM, Radio Bonakanda and the Recorder Newspaper. The morning session ended at about 2: pm with a group photograph.

The evening session began with the arrival of invited Guests as from 5: 30pm. Celebration proper started at about 8: 00pm with an opening prayer, followed by a word from Dr.Nde and also a welcome speech from H.Hr.Dr.Fru. Entertainment and refreshment followed after as there was much to eat and drink. In the midst of the refreshment, the floor was officially opened for dancing to start and by 12: 01am, there was the popping of the 2012 champagne followed by a shout of joy for seeing the New Year 2012. Celebration continued till dawn.