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Some twenty one years ago in Kumba, a young determined, focused and purposeful Cameroonian founded what was to be known later the following years as the idea moved from Limbe to Bolifamba Buea as his first ever renowned Health Institution called; Garden of Eden Medicinal Herbs Center for All. The high demand of his services in the country forced him to start opening branch clinics in other regions of the country and by mid 1998 the name of the institution was changed to, Garden of Eden Natural Clinics Cameroon (GAENAC-CAM). The man at the centre of this was to be a household name in Cameroon and beyond, the now well known and well established Dr Richard Fru.

In 1996, he came up with his first ever discovered natural medicinal product for the treatment of nearly all sorts of skin diseases. Because of the effectiveness of this medicine, the Delegation of Public Health invited him to transfer closer to them in Buea. In 1997 and 19999 respectively, the Doctor became a registered and recognized member of National Association of Cameroon Traditional Doctors and Groupe International des Guerisseurs Traditionnels Africains with registration number 382/AL and headquarters based in Douala-Cameroon.

The institution underwent lots of mutations for good, beginning from 2003, when it was transformed into a Non-Governmental Organization in order to meet Dr Fru’s vision as far as Health is concerned in Cameroon, Africa and the entire world. That accounts for why he and his collaborators came up with the first ever school of Traditional Medicine known as , Garden of Eden Institute of Natural Medicine Cameroon (GAEINAMED-CAM), registered by the government with registration number 079/G37/D9/1/Vol.7/102/OAPP/66. In order for the name of the Institution to reflect its diverse activities, the Dr.Fru’s Garden of Eden International Healing and Research Foundation (Dr.Fru’s GEIHR Foundation) was created in 2010.

On the 09/08/2013, the Institution once more metamorphosed from Fru’s Garden of Eden International Healing and Research Foundation (Dr.Fru’s GEIHR Foundation) to Garden of Eden Naturopathic Institute of West Africa with acronym (GENIWA) which is being launched this historic day.

From the initial conception of the Institute in 1995, then known as, Garden of Eden Medicinal Herb Center for All through the various nomenclatures and appellations to today’s Garden of Eden Naturopathic Institute of West Africa with acronym (GENIWA), the focus has never altered, rather, with more and more research and encouragements from around the world, activities have ranged from Research, Education, Philanthropy, Treatment, to Healing and Counseling.

We cab dare cite some few examples to buttress the assertion of the numerous and multidimensional activities carried out by the Institute for the past twenty one years. On research, for example the institute carries out research with Traditional experts in different domains of Traditional Medicine both in Villages and cities, in and out of Cameroon.

The institute has also been part of National and International Seminars, Conferences and Workshops on Traditional Medicine and Health and, the CEO has been a resource person in many conferences. We can quickly cite the cases of Global summits on HIV/AIDS, Traditional Medicine and Indigenous Knowledge, organized by “Africa First”, in different countries in Africa and many other Symposiums on ”Botanique Africaine” or Africans Botanicals.

It should be stressed here with humble delight that in these 21 years of research and practice, the Institute has been able to, through research, come up with more than Two Hundred (200) medicinal products of diverse uses, with efficacy, safety and affordability being given priority to.

Amongst these numerous medicinal products, TRY-ME stands out tall and outstanding. TRY-ME helps in bringing holistic healing to the system and this product has won several national awards over the years. It has also been tested and proven with the E.I.S machine by some researchers in Germany to be good and effective. Of course, because of the great work God has been using the institute to do within and without Cameroon, many researchers have been visiting the institution from Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, France, Asia and many other countries and continents to carry out research on diverse domains in Traditional Medicine and diseases.

No one will refuse the assertion that the Institute for training of Natural Health Practitioners is the first of its kind in Cameroon. The Institute has been impacting knowledge of Natural Medicine to so many youths. It is on record that since inception till date the Institute has been leading in carrying out aggressive promotion on Traditional Medicine in both the print and audiovisual media. It has equally trained so many youths on the importance and value of Traditional Medicine who were sent to the streets of both the towns and the villages, and they move door-to-door, office to office, educating the society on the value and importance of eating and living naturally.

Of course, the Institute also has a Mobile Health Delivery System which periodically goes to the hinterland to educate the people thereby bringing health and wellness to those who do not have the means to travel and meet GENIWA teams in their different branches. Moreover, the GENIWA equally produces health tracks / newsletters on which it educates the society on Nature and Healing.

Many conventional Health Institutions for training have been using GENIWA as a priority in research in Natural Medicine. Students from many universities, most especially the University of Buea, are being referred to GENIWA for research during their final year to come up with their projects for Degree Certificates. Many Anthropologists have carried out a lot of research in the Institution for the past 21 years of Practice, and hundreds of youths who have been trained in GENIWA are now operating as Traditional Health Practitioners in different towns and villages of the country with many of them operating Modern Traditional Clinics.

Many individuals and groups such as Pastors, Religious bodies who used to shy away from Natural Medicine due to little or no insight on Natural Medicine or wrong doctrine, curiously now visit GENIWA even in broad day light to consult and consume from Nature. All of these can be attributed to the sound education the Institute has been giving out through its Health crusades over the years, demystifying Traditional Medicine, propagating the knowledge of its importance to each and every one of the society and making people to know the dangers of consuming non-natural products.

Two decades have sailed by and GENIWA can boast of having to its credit over two hundred (200) medicinal products of multiple uses that are stocked in the pharmacies of the different branches of its Clinics in the country for the treatment of diverse illnesses starting from simple, through multiple to complex health crisis, including those considered incurable in Conventional Medicine such as Hernia(s), Cancers, Epilepsy, Asthma, Rheumatoid, Arthritis, Lumbersponylosis, Chronic STIs such as Herpes, Herpes B and C and a lot more.

GENIWA has succeeded in treating so many patients from different types of cancers with some already declared incurable in so many hospitals in and out of Cameroon. Testimonies abound with documented evidence, videos recorded acknowledgements testified by some conventional doctors.

Today, due to the effectiveness of the Institute’s medications, many conventional health sectors refer patients to GENIWA daily but behind closed doors (of course because they cannot do it in the open for fear of risking their jobs).

The Foundation has evolved to the level that it employs conventionally trained nurses who are then trained and orientated to work as Tradi-Medical Nurses (TMN). GENIWA equally has laboratories in the various clinics being managed by Laboratory Technicians and Scientists which it uses to increase the probability of diagnoses before and after treatment for most cases.

GENIWA equally has a Production Unit where it processes and manufactures its Medicinal Products. Note that GENIWA gets its plants, mostly from the Tropics and a few from Asian countries which it uses to produce the different types of medications that are supplied to her different clinics in the country and to its promoters, consumers and patients to other parts of the world.

GENIWA also counsels patients, especially those suffering from psycho-somatic disorders and diseases. It counsels people on how to live a healthy life by cultivating good habits of thinking, eating and associating with the creator-God in order to live in health, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In a nut shell, GENIWA carries out Holistic Health Practices.

If there is any factor that pushed the CEO to change the name of the Foundation in the first place, it was due to his great desire to go philanthropic especially in the area of provision of food, medicines, clothing and shelter to the less privileged ones in the society. Over the years, the Foundation has helped so many more especially the Blind, Orphans, Widows ands Widowers, and many physically challenged in giving them food, clothing, Medicine and helping some to get a shelter. The Foundation has equally helped many by giving them a capital to start a business for themselves.

The Foundation does not only end in helping this group of people, but also helps in promoting young individual talents in different spheres of life by sponsoring their projects to realization.

Dr.Richard Fru is often heard saying “my greatest joy comes when I give to the one in need because, I believe one has health in what he has and makes a life from what he gives

We cannot end this presentation without acknowledging the numerous achievements of the Foundation, its CEO and all the affiliates have recorded for the past twenty one years. It is evident that the Foundation has been able to change the mentality of so many Cameroonians, AFRICANS AND the World to believe in Natural Medicine equally known as Traditional Medicine. The Institute has successfully come up with so many natural medications in the cure of diseases including those declared incurable by conventional medicine.

The Institute has been able to come up with so many medications that are performing wonders in supplying natural radiation/energies to aid in detoxifying, cleansing and revamping the system thereby freeing it from nearly alls stressors agents such as morbid, toxins, and many others, giving room or facilitating the system to heal itself.

As stated above, one of the greatest achievements, internationally acclaimed is the outcome of Dr.Fru’s intensive research, burning the midnight candle for eighteen years to come out with the renowned TRY-ME!! Many researchers both at home and abroad have also testified to the efficacy of TRY-ME. In fact, 2008, TRY-ME was registered with a Trade Mark in Nigeria, West Africa. TRY-ME also won many awards and accolades for its effectiveness and non-challengeable effect in its healing domain which is almost unlimited.

Whenever Dr.Fru is quizzed on what is the magic of his always looking young and smart, he responds simply saying: “Sincerely speaking, I, the producer cannot go without TRY-ME. I believe in it, I live on it and I hardly fall sick thanks to the handwork of God working on me through TRY-ME”.

Amongst many uncountable achievements, the Foundation has received awards from so many reputable Press Organs in the country, amongst which we can cite:

2005; 2007; 2008-2011 and 2013, The Watchdog Press Awarded Dr.Fru’s Garden of Eden, Buea as Cameroon’s most popular Traditional Clinic for Research; Garden of Eden Buea, as Cameroon’s Acclaimed Modern Traditional clinic with Efficient, Effective drugs; Dr Richard Fru as Cameroon number one and most reliable Traditional Medical Practitioner of the year; “TRY-ME” of Dr Fru as Best and Most Effective Traditional Medicine for the cure and Treatment of several Tropical Diseases.

In 2009- The Guardian Post awarded Dr Fru Richard as 2009 Best Tradi Practitioner of the year. Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalist (CAMASEJ) honoured Dr Fru Richard for his partnership with the media.

In 2011 – Life Time Magazine 2011 awards TRY-ME of Dr Fru Richard as the best Curative Modern Traditional Drug and All Rounds Modern Traditional Practitioner for that year.

2010 – Global Information Network for West and Central Africa (GLOBINET) awarded a Credential of Accolade for TRY-ME as the breakthrough Traditional Medication of the Decade from the Garden of Eden Clinic.

In 2013 – The Indian Board of Alternative Medicines (IBAM) awarded to Dr Fru on March 20, 2013 Health Excellence Award (for his outstanding contribution and praise-worthy achievements in the fields of Holistic Health and Healing).

That same year – Cameroon HERALD accorded Dr Fru an award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to Humanity in the year 2013. That same year – L’Essientiel awarded Dr Fru Richard as the Best Modern Traditional Doctor of the Year…while the Eye Newspaper awarded Dr Fru as All Round Best Researcher in the year 2013.

In 2014 – Chronicle Newspaper awarded Dr Fru Richard as Research and Excellence Laureate. This was in recognition to his outstanding successes in Research and Expansion in Modern Traditional Medicine in the year 2014. The Eye Newspaper again awarded Dr Fru Richard as most Acclaimed Researcher in Modern Traditional Medicine of the year 2014.

Today , 21 years have sailed by and the transmutations of the Foundation from Garden of Eden Medicinal Herbs Center FOR All, Garden of Eden Natural Clinics Cameroon (GAENAC-CAM )to Garden of EDEN Institute of Natural Medicine Cameroon(GEINAMED-CAM), to Dr Fru’s Garden of Eden International Healing and Research Foundation (Dr Fru’s GEIHR Foundation)and today to Garden of Eden Naturopathic Institute of West Africa with acronym (GENIWA)…tells a lot of the man behind the wonderful success. Dr Richard Fru looks younger today than he was in 1995. The secret behind his radiance is his harmonizing complimentary, alternative medicine with holistic medicine. His is an on going journey of discovery in search of more answers and ultimately making others live better, being healthier and striving for wholeness for all mankind.






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